Does a V50 Mk2 exhaust system fit a Mk3?

Hi All,

I have a V50 Mk3 bought as a non-runner, restoration project and is missing its exhaust system.

Does anyone know if the Mk2 systems fits the Mk3 ok or are there some subtle differences to be aware of ?



Pipe diameter is different, but don’t know if this prevents fitting.

ask Roy at osmc but if I remember correctly the larger dia pipes can be retro fitted to the ones with smaller dia ones that was the case with Nick’s V50

Thanks both.

What I’ve now discovered is that Mk1’s & Mk2’s are 32mm diameter and the Mk3 is 35mm diameter.



If I remember correctly they inc the diameter to get the zorst gasses out better. I am fairly sure the larger ones do fit. BUT ask an exhaust supplier, We had a stainless front system from ROY at and bought silencers from Feked, then son blew the engine, luckily we managed to sell the exhaust without taking a big loss due to the fact Roy had got a system in stock and the silencers came in a sale from Feked, who are worth looking at for silencers and indeed front pipes if you are on a budget.

Thanks again.

The larger ones, 35mm, will fit as mine is the Mk3. I had just been wondering whether the Mk2 ones would fit it…but now I know the difference and the reason why, I’ll stick with sourcing some Mk3 specific ones, and I’ll be on the look out for an ‘as new’ complete system - so if anyone has one available…

The Mk III had larger bore carbs too, so it would be no help putting smaller bore exhausts.
Though interestingly, there was little difference in performance.Brian UK2013-05-29 16:21:39