Domed exhaust header nuts- Le Mans V

I think they are M8, but can anyone confirm the size for me quickly? Lost one last week and don’t have the bike with me today.


Lazy Jim Monday morning.

Think all the big Guzzi exhausts are 8mm but the bike is downstairs and can’t be faffed to go and check.
Lazy Gerry, Monday afternoon. :wink:

M8 on my bike, I would agree with Gerry that they are all M8

Nice one, thanks all.
Got some at GR Fasteners in Avonmouth. Proper Aladdin’s cave trade counter. They will sell you one nut if you want, but I got four stainless domed nuts and washers for the grand total of one squid.

I prefer not to use stainless on exhaust headers as they tend to work loose, it’s too hot for Loctite, so a bit of rust does the job well :wink:

I used to use copper exhaust nuts for cars but haven’t seen them for a while.

Never lost/loosened a s/s exhaust nut. I do use new s/s spring washers when they are removed. This may be the answer.
Had a bike in for repair years ago where the well meaning owner had used Nylocs! Messy :astonished:
Have fun

I use spring washers and replace the very occasional one that falls off (I think it’s about 3 in 11 years and they are 20 p each). I did have to loctite the studs in though as also lost one of them. The thread was a little bit slack.

Use stainless with Schnoor washers, haven’t lost one yet.

Definitely go for M8 stainless with spring or schnoor washers. You’ll have no problems. Not long ago I bought a set of stainless M8 exhaust studs, nuts & spring washers that were supposed to be for a VW camper van. Nice kit, fitted the Guzzi & cost next to nothing.