Done the start mod - still got a problem

Today I located the forward (start) relay (Griso 8v), snipped the yellow wire, and fed it from a fused line from the battery.

I pressed the starter and it started OK. Did it again a few minutes later - just click and clunk - no start! Pressing the starter again had no effect. Switched ignition off, then on again… and it started on the button!

No fuses blown, but still got intermittent start. Anyone know what’s going on?

Bad earth?

how old is the battery do you use a optimate or similar if not 4 years is about all you will get out of a standard battery

The battery is fine and I do use an optimate. The starter turns the engine energetically during start - not at all lethargic.

Have you removed the solenoid and cleaned it? See the click no crank thread in FAQ.

Hi Brian

Can’t see that in FAQ. Any chance of a link? There’s a thread with that title in this forum but it doesn’t mention cleaning the solenoid.



Are you saying that you have taken a direct feed from the battery +ve, to the solenoid pull-in relay? I am thinking that, even though you have done this, the ‘switched’ wire to the solenoid pull-in terminal still goes meandering through the standad loom. Do correct me if I am wrong! If I am RIGHT, you may find it beneficial to by-pass the loom altogether, and take the wire from the switched side of the relay, directly to the male spade terminal on the solenoid, ensuring full voltage is available to pull the solenoid in.

hook-nose hicks2013-10-11 22:30:08

The thing to remember is the old carb Guzzis are easy to circumnavigate the wiring BUT the newer the bike the more the Electronic brain controls so drops in voltage can cause all sorts of problems, they are being made so the home mechanic can no longer fiddle and fettle

Good point, GB. I am a Luddite, where that is concerned!

Sorry I had to rewrite the post in FAQ and did not include that bit.Basically the solenoid cioes with sticky grease inside and this can prevent it pulling in properly sometimes. The cure is to remove the starter motor, take off the solenoid (2 or £ screws at the front end) and clean the plunger and inside, then put a smear of oil on it and reassemble. Tim, the mod referred to above gets round the wiring of the power feed to the start relay. The control to the start relay is not a problem. Neither is the feed from the relay to the solenoid.

Ah, thanks for explaining that. I am an ‘old model’ Guzzi person…may opt out of trying to help with probs on recent models. Not my field of expertise!

 This still could be just a bad connection in supply to the relay coil, between relay and start button, the start button contacts themselves ~ does start button go through like neutral switch, clutch switch, even more connections there to go wrong.

The start button does nothing unless the bike is in neutral, or in gear with the clutch pulled in. Always check all connections. The start button contacts could also be at fault, but they carry very little current. And if they were not making contact you would hear absolutely nothing from the relay or solenoid. Same with any part of the relay coil circuit. He did say he heard click, clunk. This proves that the start button is working, and the relay is moving. It does not prove that the relay contaccts are clean though.

That is true. Relay contacts can be dirty and not pass current either. So you get it making clicking noises but naff all coming out. And starter motor solenoid is very low resistance so just needs a bit of resistance in relay and it wont’t work. Same applies to the push-on connectors, relay socket (same kind of connectors) and whatever, and even where they’re crimped onto the wires.

How mine is set up, albeit an oldie (I took the idea from the R80, and likewise, needs kill switch to be on as well).