dual front brakes - jackal

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They are nice a thick but badly ridged and need skimming . Just never found anyone that can skim them

OK then!


Buzzing noises were down to the EBC pads. Strange looking wear pattern. See photos. Replaced with Brembos. Perfect, problem gone.


I have in the past managedto repair some they have to be ground as to tough to turn in a lathe and get a decent finish

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But new problems possibly in the future.

To be fair the cast Iron discs are so hard that the ferodo pads shape themselves to the minor grooves in the disc. Now and then if someone has had a pad come loose and metal to metal contact there may be need of some skimming /grinding.

BEWARE Brembo pads they DO have a tendency to have the friction material come away once they get worn.

Over the years far and away the best pads i have found in the V1000 are Ferodo ones.

EBC seem to have a tendency to squeal or make a buzzing noise, evry disconcerting, but I found it goes through that stage and becomes smooth again.

Never had a problem with EBCHave had that problem with Brembo pads.

Y know the ONLY pads that never ever seem to cuse any problems are them there Ferodo ones…I wonder…is it “The Ring” ???


I have 2003 Cali Stone (the Jackal replacement) with just the standard single front disk. It made a buzzing sound like an angry bee whenever I applied the front brake. All pads replaced and full fluid replacement and bleed (by a professional - I have given spending hours playing with syringes etc.) have transformed the braking but it still sounds exactly the same! I rode for a short time today without earplugs just to check after reading this thread. Yep, still buzzin’! My advice is, if the brakes work then ignore the buzz.


The traditional way to cure a squeal from brakes is to file a “Lead” or “chamfer” on the leading edge of the friction material.

I also find that giving the disc surfaces a good scrub with wire wool after a long winter of inactivity improves performance considerably, the rust which comes off the discs acts as an unwanted lubricant.