E.I. fitting problem.

I’ve got around to sorting the distributor…or so I thought! I have a Piranha/Newtronics E.I. system which was fitted by the previous owner, and all is OK except that the posts which shine the beam are too tall for the distributor cap which is new (the old one was cracked). I have left the plate in situ that allows for individual ign timing adjustment as I believe you should. Is this issue known about and what options do I have if any? The top picture shows the excess hight that the posts are creating.
ReggieV2012-12-31 17:08:54

I think that the post which is on the “adjustment plate” is the main problem, as this raises the height of the post by just under 2mm, but according to the instructions that I have, this is to be left in place for adjustment of the second cylinder. The only solution I can see is to shave 2mm from the top of the post on the adjustment plate, but will that break into the electrics? Or to put a spacer in between the cap and the body. Puzzled

Doesn’t the Newtronics kit have a replacement cap? I’m sure you can’t use the original.

My old Piranha system came with a replacement cap to fit, I wondered why at the time. Now I know why. It is a thin cheaply made thing and has cracked over time, but is obviously just that bit taller than the original.

Hi Reggie, could I make a wee suggestion here? I build model cars and use plastic sheets, or pieces of sometimes. These sheets are available at most model shops, especially the model railway shops, and the come in various thicknesses.
My suggestion is that you buy a sheet , template it to the bottom of the points cap then glue it on, once it’s on you can then cut the inside blank portion out leaving the thicker portion round the edge, once you have done this, ( and you may need to add 2 or 3 depending on the thickness of your sheet), you will find you will have raised the internal height of the cap and because you have used glue to secure each piece there should be no water ingress between the cap and the spacer pieces.
I would be quite happy to do it for you should you not want to do it yourself, but it really is very easy.

Sorry for the late reply…I was working last night Firstly, the bike came with a damaged, mottled effect plastic distributor cap that was in very poor condition…i.e. cracked and bodge repaired, and I’m not sure if I still have it but will look later today. It would seem that this will have been the “taller” cap supplied with the E.I. that you have informed me of. This at least confirms that I am not doing anything stupid as I suspected it must be “me.” RBT 1548 wrote;I would be quite happy to do it for you should you not want to do it yourself Robert, thanks for the very generous offer, I will have a look at things and if I don’t think I can make a very good job of it, I might take you up on your kind offer. Thanks againeverybody for the info.
ReggieV2013-01-01 09:12:04


Reggie, I’m sure you will be able to do it no problem, as it’s only a case of building up some layers at the bottom of your cap to make sure you can clear the posts then cutting out the center to clear the gubbings on the distributor, you can then tidy up the outside if you wish where it sits flush with the outside of the cap

When Pihrana were still in Blackburn they supplied a thick rubber gasket/spacer to fit under the original marelli dissy cap ,this took up the gap.I know because i got one from them that would be around 2006.ralph2013-01-01 16:19:41

The Newtronics kit I fitted came with a rubber spacer which lifted the cap sufficiently to clear the internals, exactly as ralph describes.

OK, I have just sent an email to Newtronics to see if these gaskets are still available. I’ll try this solution first. Great info, thanks.

You could make one yourself if there not available all you need is a scalpel type knife and rubber of suitable thickness. Draw around the dissy cap on a piece of paper and then draw another line 3mm inside and outside of the original.From memory the gasket would be about 6mm? wide.That should be a starting point for you to modify as you think fit. Hope this helps.

I bought one of these a year or two ago - was still being supplied with big gasket/spacer