Ebay guzzi spares tonight

Damn, I got sniped at the last minute on a boxful of old bits from the vale of Glamorgan, pick up only.

If you were the lucky ‘winner’, I’d happily buy one of the bits from you.
So get in touch please??

Now how do I go about sniping, and what’s the best one?

CheersOldrat2014-09-28 19:30:26

I use Auction Sniper. Works well unless you are up against another sniper then it’s down to settings.

Cheap for the bits that are in there. Isn’t the best bet just to put a bigger bid on - sniping’s fine but if someone’s got a, say, £50 bid on you’ll still lose.

Reading up on Money supermarket, Martin whotsit says that you need to provide your Ebay password to snipe, any danger with that??

[QUOTE=Oldrat]Reading up on Money supermarket, Martin whotsit says that you need to provide your Ebay password to snipe, any danger with that??

[/QUOTE]All this coxing ‘n’ boxing for a measly £20/60/80 ‘I want a bargain for next to nowt’ is sad, If I want it/need it I put in the bid that I’m prepared to pay…starts there/finishes there…works for me(many times but not always) what you want will always re-appear.

That was exactly the problem though.
If I was bidding for an item that I wanted, no problems, I’d have put in my maximum bid.

But I only wanted one item out of a whole box of bits. Granted I should have bid more, but I did so based on there being no bidding activity at all. For the duration of the listing I was the highest bidder until three seconds to go and then …sniped.

Oh well that’s the price of an education.

All’s fair in love an all that.

No danger, you have to trust some people in this world otherwise you would just stay indoors.
I have been using Auction Sniper for over ten years now and it has won me a lot of auctions. Of course your snipe has to be big enough to win, but it cuts out all that crazy bidding days before the auction ends that drive the price up out of reach. It is a tool not a panacea.

Thanks to Ray and his bid snipe thingy, we got this lot for £68.66 last night, I did put a max bid a lot higher.
Never bid before the last few seconds. I can’t see why anyone would bid before the end, although I have put a few 99p’s on items as an outside chance, sometimes you win, often you loose

Don-Spada2014-09-29 13:25:24

What were you after ?


wasn’t oldrat wanting the le mans dash cover!

We have done a joint purchase of the bits in the picture above, I’m having the Targa bits for my Lario and he is having the Le-Mans dash etc. All worked out good in this case.
He was after some heel plates in the other auction he got beaten on.

Now that’s a team effort. Thanks to Don, and also to Ray and his snipey thing.

Cheers lads, now if we can all keep our eyes out for a heel guard …

bid sniping is good from the buying point as it does not increase the price in the days leading up to the finish I put a bid on these of £160 and set to go in with 3 seconds left if my bid price is over the auction price it will automatically put on the next price up bid to secure the goods If you just put £160 on ebay system it bunps the price up every time someone else bids even if 5 days left auction sniper has to have ebay details to enable bids to be placed works well for me

Cheers m8y.

What’s the name of the sniper that you use Ray?