Just curious, but wonder what you V85ers are getting to the gallon/litre please?

According to reports on the V85TT FB group they regularly achieve over 70 mpg.

I kept a few fuel receipts and have recorded : 66mpg - best consumption while touring.

54 - 59 mpg local running around

When I do a long run I get 63 to the gallon. Commuting I get 56. Hope helps a bit

Mine has been doing around the 69mpg. It only has 3500 miles on it so still a bit tight I think. Consumption appears to be getting better the more I ride it.

On motorways at 70mph I get about 55mpg but when traveling around quieter roads at slower speeds consumption regularly hits over 65mpg.

I usually get around 62mpg.

I’m in the same area, 63mpg. Mostly recreational riding round North Yorkshire and Cumbria.

About 55 to 60 on general running about.
On quieter runs 65 to 70.
Did manage to see a tank range of 370 miles once on a long quiet run through the highlands .