ECU diagnostic

Hi never been able to check the codes etc on my vintage or EVs I’ve owned. For slow speed running fitted a booster plug which helps however after trying a new T120 realise that it could still be improved. Not sure if all the inputs are correct be nice to know. Anyone know of the code reader /lead required, the book talks about AXIOME ? The only information I have is for early EV models not bassa or vintage era.
Regards Ratt

I have never had anything so modern as to have an ECU. I have noticed bits relating to diagnostics on the Dutch owners club website. Most of the text is in Dutch which won’t help, but you might be able to pick up something from it.
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GuzziDiag is a free download which allows you to set up the fuel injection. It also allows you to download/alter/upload maps, a route I personally wouldn’t like to go down. You need Lonelec leads which cost about £20. You also need vacuum gauges to balance the throttle bodies. Hope this helps and best of luck.