ECU diconnected logo on dash after flat battery

I have just got home from my holls to find my 2006 1100 griso with a flat battery.
After a couple of days on the optimate the battery seems to have survived however I now have a shiny little red triangle in the top right hand corner of the dash and the ECU disconnected icon at the bottom.
I have checked the fuse and gone into the menu to attempt to clear the display fault but to no avail.can anyone help ???

Will it start?

no the dash all lights up and everything works but the starter is not occuring

Check starter fuse under seat. 35A

Problem solved not by replacing a fuse (I’LL stand to be corrected but there isn’t a 35 amp fuse in fact I cant find a starter motor fuse of any size) No what you have to do is go through the code re- setting procedure so basicallyput your spare key in go into your menu then change settings then recover code put other key in within 20 seconds and put 00000 in come out of menu job done. isn’t technology marvelous !!!

NO !.. :laughing:
Glad you sorted and welcome to the forum…

No your right technology is definately for the birds.
I set off to work on my newly fixed bike and within 30 seconds it started to missfire.
just about got it home and when I gave it a coat of looking at the day after oh and behold the same fault had re occured I only said two words.
After trying the same fix without success I have had to face the fact that if you get this fault the only answer is to put the wife on the market and trailer your bike to Motostrada :cry:

Oh bum …