EEEEHH! Im well cuffed, had an issue with gear change on the caly, changes down fine but up into third or top VERY tricky, needed to let the bike TAKE the gear as clutch eased out.Turns out the locking nut from the outside of the Gear change spindle has fallen off and the spindle had rotated untill the change rod was hitting the frame at the swingarm pivot, shes right as rain now, I love my outfit. ITS GREAT!!Anyone know what the thread is on the spindle/Pivot?

funny you say that,i was loseing the clutch on my cali combo,turned out the locknut on the clutch pushrod adjuster had droped off some where,guzzi’s rock and not just from side to side

It is well worth popping these on YOUR service list at every oil change for instance over the years (20+) I have had the lock nut work slightly loose on the gear change and it drop off = NO GEARS twice in 20 yrs is not too much trouble BUT it can be disconcerting. The thing is I had to loosen the lock nut to get it back onto the spindle

Never had the clutch lock nut work loose tho’

With the heel toe gear change I have found, through many years of trial and error, that making sure the clutch is set sopt on from the clutch arm up to the lever, and the linkages replaced with ball type ones from McGills, then make sure theye IS free play on the actual lever i get quiet and smooth gearchanges. In fact 1st is often so quiet I have to double ckeck it is actually engaged

The clutch is also two finger light as well. It really does PAY to take time in the set up