Eldorado front fork seal holder removal tool

Could anybody lend, hire, or sell me an Eldorado front fork seal holder removal tool please? Or tell me where I can get one?

pm sent

Hi, saw your post and as im going to rebuild my Eldo forks, was wondering if you,d had any joy with your request, thanks for any response.

Well I had a similar problem with an EV Cali however came up with an idea that worked. Bought a small crow bar, the thin type about 7 ins long. Ground a radius on the front similar to OD of fork leg and a bevel producing a thin edge. This the 90degree end of the crowbar. Then cut a piece of wood that went to bottom of fork leg and level with seal. Pushed crowbar into seal edge held there with hammer shaft and pulled back, crow bar pivoted on wood seal popped out :grin: