Electric Guzzi...?

In this day and age in which we find ourselves living, I assume that Guzzi, like most, will bring out an Electric powered bike… :astonished:

and as we all know, loud pipes save lives, so the innovators have come up with a solution to this quandary, seems if we buy an Electric bike, we’ve all got to have this…


Brilliant :smiley:

Great stuff and better than the ‘synthetic motor sound’ suggested for some Japanese city cars.
Maybe back to the klaxon?
Have fun

Brilliiant :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Very good!

I remember those days. :nerd:
I had two alarm clocks, the ones with the two bells on the top, in a tin bath to wake me up on exam days. :smiley:

Need to get one of those for the back of my Zero. I seem to remember the purple helmets having a different solution involving a traffic cone and copious consumption of beans, but I draw the line at that!

My father used to rally in the 1950’s, he told me of a driver in Fiat 500 in the Alps with very loud lorry horns that he would use on approaching blind corners and hairpins in the mountains. All the lorrys and trucks coming the other way would pull over only to be surprised as a tiny Fiat came charging into view round the bend! :smiley:

Couldnt make out if that was a straight 6 or V6 trombone.?

My T100SS sounds like a trumpet :smiley: