Electrical Failure - 1200 Sport

Hope someone may have a suggestion on what may be causing the issue.

Had a run out with the club the other night and bike was working and running fine, went to start it to come home and it wouldn’t (about an hours ride).

Ignition on - Dash lights and goes through self check, pilot bulb on headlight on; tail ights and brake lights not working
headlight flash not working.
Horn not working - no relay click (have addtional relay fitted)
Does not start - small relay does operate
Indicators do light up (cannot remember if they flash)
Parking switch poistion does light up taillight and pilot bulb
Battery checked for voltage by recovery bod.
power not getting to small fuse block (micro blade fuses)

All fuses OK
No corrosion on battery terminals
Tried addtional battery across existing in case battery was problem.

Thoughts are that it could be one of three things:-
ignition asembly

Tried attaching GuzziDiag and couldn’t get a connection
Found some connectors with corrosion (the 3 or 4 around alternator/ECU are) - cleaned

Any sugestions please



I would eliminate a computer glitch first. Completely disconnect the battery, turn the key “ON”, and leave it overnight. It might boot up OK the next day.

Front lights work, rears don’t, suggests bad connection(s).

Check all connectors for corrosion, especially those that are permanently ‘live’ from battery . Also loose connectors, damaged wires, etc. Multi-way plug blocks can hide corroded pins.


Appendix: “power not getting to small fuse block” reinforces the above

At last sussed the problem, did get some wrong information from a dealer on how the ignition switch was wired to work, ended up ordering a new one on that basis (not cheap). It turned out to be the actual connector block both halves. Once I got hold of a decent copy of the wiring diagram I could see how the switch was wired to work

So I have replaced the connector on the main loom and my original ignition switch everything working OK now (got a spare brand new one now as well)