Electronic ignition for 850-T3 Cali

I would like to fit a system to my bike and am looking for feedback from everyone. Ideally it would be a system that does without the mechanical advance and retard mechanism.
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Why get rid of the mechanical advance system?
It works.

I tend to agree with Ian.
The “weak links” are the points themselves.
I too will be looking for an electonic ignition system for my T3 so I think this will be a useful thread.

I cannot comment on Guzzis, but on the American cars I have run I have always kept the mechanical (and vacuum) advance components where possible for street use.

The only time I have locked out the timing (i.e dispensed with mechanical advance) is on race cars; and only then because of the flame propogation characteristics ofthe heads - and again that varies a lot between individual engines.

When the timing is locked out you then need an electrical assist when cranking otherwise the motor would never fire.

It will be interesting to see the functionality of any kits offered for the Guzzi.


In that case I would suggest Newtronics who have taken over Pyrana.
Search for pete the bee who had problems but with newtronics help sussed them.
I still have an origonal Pyrana which I swear by.

I have got a Piranah system on my Guzzi too, (although it is spelt differently to Ian’s ) Never been a problem. When I fitted it the timing became a non-adjust no maintenance system.
Look here http://www.newtronic.co.uk/newtronic/ more info here http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=16333
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Ian you are obviously monogramatically deprived, I have two middle names, you can have one of mine! You can choose between Cuthbert or Tarquin!

I was proposing to manage without the advance and retard mechanism because my distributor is in poor condition.

The bob weight and spring system for advance/retard works very well and is quite robust. Clean the bob weights and levers and buy new springs if they are rusty. Keep it lubricated and it will work a treat. The points would be replaced by the Piranah system.

You can even play with the advance curve by fitting different strength springs if that is what floats your boat!

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ChrisChris750s2012-11-29 10:58:27

There has been an article in Gambalunga some time ago the basis was …keep the points as they work! However it has also been reccomended that IF you get rid of the points keep the auto advance and then IF the elektrikery breaks down you can always revert to points, they are easy to carry as spares more than one Euro trek has been saved by reverting to points.

It seems my points cam is pitted by rust and despite being cleaned up I can only expect limited life from the points because the fibre heels will wear down rather quickly.

That will not effect a Neutronics system as the plate is placed over the cam and that is that.

Ian is spot on, the points sets are removed and replaced with two switch units that have a light and a photo-electric cell. A plastic arm fits over the cam in the distributor that has a disc with a quadrant slot in it. This rotates between the lights and photo-electric cells which acts as the switch to fire each cylinder in turn.
You still have to adjust the timing in the normal way, set one side by rotating the whole distributor housing then set the other side by moving one of the switch units on the baseplate. As the disc rotates with the cam and all the disc does is break the beams of light, there is no wear.

As the points surfaces do not wear there is no gradual fall off of performance. If you carry spare points sets in case the electronic ignition unit fails these can be fitted in place of the switch units quite easily using the same fixing screws, with the rotating disc on the cam removed. This should get you home. Then you could get the electronic ignition unit fixed or replaced.Chris750s2012-11-29 14:22:59


Any good for you? I personally use the old Piranha system and find it very good.

I have Lucas RITA fitted to my Spada. It works well & has proved reliable. I’m not sure if they are still available, Mistral Engineering carried on making them for a while but may have now stopped. They come up on eBay every so often, there was one this week (almost new & complete with coils) went for £65.

There is a new and possibly better version of the Rita system being made now, must try to find the link again.

I had heard about the Rita system but it seemed to be out of production. Steine Dinse are selling the Dynatek.

there are some on this post i listed that fit on alternator and do away with the distributar all together http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=16510

Rita replacement.Hoppybikes

I have one of each; points, peerahna, nootroniks, reeta (note correct spelling Ian!). All have been fine. Not had to fiddle with the S3 timing in 15 years!