End of year strip down

Removed swingarm for end of year strip and regrease. Plus changing shock, adjustment seems to have packed in. notice amount of corrosion, even when using a hugger in our salt laden roads in winter the stuff get every where.

daveb5002014-01-01 16:36:47

You must have been in there before, it doesn’t seem to be suffering from the usual grease famine of most of the modern models.

How difficult was it all to remove? Have seen a couple of ads offering £100 shock rebuilds for club members.
Cheers, Gerry.

Hi yes Don was in there a year ago, and that was a pig. First strip, bearings shot to hell and back. Pin corroded in and had to be cut out.
Duffo, not hard if the pin is free. I take the carc unit off first to remove weight. Also when you take the side plates off, the centre stand collapses, jack the bike up, take the side plates off and put some bolts back in to stop it collapsing on you. Then undo the 2 clamp allen headed bolts on the left hand side of the swing arm, realease the castel headed nut, and then unscrew the swingarm pin. Takes about an hour to remove everything

Just started to rebuild. Sprayed the singarm and carc in acrylic and lacquered. Just got the brakes and the footrest panels to refit.


I see you have added an extension to the hugger.I tried that in rubber sheet, but it didn’t last. Must try again. Agreed, it’s not a difficult job if everyhting is free. The centre stand did catch me out to start with.

Have a chat with Keith Nock (8 valve eagle)
Last time I saw him he’d just sorted out a new Nitron shock. A new one mighet be close in price to a refurb one if you’re lucky

Yes Brian, added an extension to the hugger, made out of very thin gauge ally. just hand shaped, so thin I could cut it with scissors, (don’t tell the wife I got em out of kitchen drawer) I managed to pick the shock up from the USofA on ebay at £15.00 its fully tested, clean as a whistle of a 2009 Norge. Much better condition than mine. But did cost me £40 to have it shipped and £20 charge to UPS import vat. so that will be claimed back.

All finished, back on the road, just had to ride her to work this morning.

I made a shield to protect the rear shock out of a piece of dense foam from an old back protector. There is a recess in the under seat mudguard on the 1200 sport that allowed me to locate and glue it exactly. It runs down between the swingarm and rear tyre. Seems to work well after 2 1/2 years and stops road spray and grit blasting the shock.

A good DIY version of a hugger.