Ercolino (Galletto) Cylinder re-Sleeving

Hi all,
Does anyone know if it is possible to have an Ercolino (same as Galletto) cylinder re-sleeved? I have just stripped my motor and found the cylinder bore to be in a terrible state and beyond re-boring. I’d like to know if anyone has had a re-sleeving job successfully completed and if so who did the work. Does anyone know if new or used cylinders and pistons are available?

The UK is no problem. Can’t help with South Africa. Is the bike in SA?

Thanks for the reply, Yes the bike is in SA. My question revolves about the thickness of the cylinder wall and whether or not it is sufficient to allow it to be bored out and re-sleeved. the existing wall thickness is about 9.5mm and I guess that a sleeve would need to have walls of at least 4mm to work efficiently. Have you had a similar engine cylinder re-sleeved? If so what basic dimensions were used?
Cheers Phil

I only know metal spraying and boring. Don’t know the limits for a sleeve. I’ll try and find some details but I have limited information about that engine. Your best resource is an experienced repair shop.

Pistons from

Thanks for the replies. I had the cylinder re-sleeved and fitted a new standard size piston (as supplied by retro Guzzi). All looks good. Now I just need to complete the stripping and rebuilding of the rest of the bike (trike?) and I will see if the engine actually runs. I found a second Ercolino about 20 miles away which had been stoood uncovered in a field for about 20 years, very rusty but it has been a source of many of the parts I was short of. Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of the workshop manual for the Ercolino?

Have a look here for an Ercolino manual (It’s all in Italian) Very unlikely you would ever find an English one.

You could also have a browse this site to see what they have

For those who have answered my questions, thanks very much. The Ercolino is now assembled and I have installed a temporary fuel supply and ignition system. I was most surprised when it started second kick!!! After a couple tweaks of the choke, advance and retard it now runs and ticks over beautifully. Unfortunately the engine needs to come out again as it is “wet sumping” and I have realised that the clutch actuation mechanism is not standard and needs to be re-assembled correctly.

I fitted one of these to both my Lodola and my Galletto to stop the wet sumping. Works a treat…

Hi Nick, I guess this is a manually operated valve. I don’t like that idea at all as I am sure I will forget one day and wreck the motor! I took out the non return valve and “reground” the sealing faces with Brasso. It has now been sat for four days with all the oil remaining in the tank.
The clutch problem is a little more involved. Have you had your Galetto apart and if so can you remember which way the stepped key in the clutch shaft is assembled. the parts book shows the stepped section towards the nut but I don’t think this is correct. any thoughts? Many thanks

It’s beena while since I rebuilt my engine and I can’t remember offhand which way it goes! Mine is a 175cc and I used the parts book from the 160cc as a guide. That shows the key to be facing away from the clutch nut.

Thanks Nick, i think they are all the same as my parts book also shows the key that way round. I did try turning it over and that did not help at all so I guess the manual is correct. (Which is usually the case anyway). I have re-assembled the motor with the correct clutch actuating parts, roller, ball and bullet and have made up the control cable and everything, as far as the clutch is concerned is working fine. The motor started easily and I did a few test rides around the garden and up and down the road. The motor then suddenly would only run at tick over speed and would not respond to the throttle. I have checked the ignition timing and cleaned the carb. It started this morning easily and I left it ticking over after about 2 minutes it coughed, and stopped and it will not start again!! I’ve done all the usual checks and found nothing wrong. Any ideas/ Cheers

Fuel line perhaps? Does petrol run freely when the feed pipe to the carb’ is loosened? Or contaminated fuel?

Thanks Nick, I have found the problem. It was the inlet valve tappet adjuster that had backed off so the valve was not opening! I’ve now got full compression back and it starts first kick! Do you, or anyone else out there, know of any other Ercolino owners withing the Club?