Essex branch meeting 17th july 2022


Our next Branch Meeting will be from 1pm on Sunday 17th July at the Three Horseshoes, Molehill Green , Takeley, Essex CM22 6PQ. A lovely friendly pub with plenty of parking, good food and beer. Love Evie

Hi Evie, I’ve put it on the branch map. I would like to think I could make this one, although weekends in the summer are busy for me. We have been to this pub twice before so I’m sure everyone will find their way there! :wink:
Will you contact Roger to get these new dates into Gambalunga?

Hi Chris, sorry I’m getting your emails but its taken me a while to figure how to reply via the forum xx I’ve emailed Roger to get the July and August dates into the Calendar. I’ve not firmed up the September one yet so will leave that out for now. We won’t actually make the July meeting but hope you manage to catch up with many others if you do make it - I really like that pub so it should be a popular one xx Love Evie

I am planning on getting to the Three Horseshoes with Karen, see you all there, not looking forward to dressing up in protective gear in this weather though! :hot_face:

Me too.
Marian Faithful had a good trick in the film “Girl on a Motorcycle” Full one piece leathers, but nothing underneath ( if I remember correctly ).


I hope to be at the meeting tomorrow , if I can attend I will bring cake