Ethanol compatble?

Is my '95 Nevada 750 Â compatible with E5 petrol? And while I’m on, E10 may soon be here, so same question for that. I’ve tried to find the info, on the forum and on the net, but not come up with a definitive answer. Does anyone on here know for sure?Â

In a word, yes to both 5 and 10%. You do have to keep a watch on fuel lines etc as ethanol does degrade parts that aren’t certified ethanol proof. The only thing that worried me was the horror stories I’d heard about melting plastic petrol tanks. This was one of the reasons I recently sold my early Griso.

The ethanol in petrol caused the plastic tank on my old Triumph sprint to swell to the point that it would not fit properly, Â Worst thing about it is you cannot tell how much of the stuff is in the fuel you are buying. Â I try and put super unleaded in my Griso (also having a plastic tank) whenever possible as the theory is there is less of the stuff in it that in premium, but still can’t be certain.

Thanks guys. I have a metal tank, so don’t have the plastic tank worry, but I’ll keep an eye (and nose…) out for leaking fuel.Â

There is a possible issue about corrosion of steel tanks, despite various webernet horror stories it simply boils down to the fact that alcohol has the ability to absorb water, not a problem if burning it fairly regular but if you want to lay up the bike for any long period, it’s recommended that you fill it right up first as this minimises the air volume in the tank which will contain water vapour. Also, you can use something like Frost’s Ethomix stabiliser.

Also do not leave fuel in the carbs, but drain them and leave them dry if storing the bike or not using it for a lengthy period. Dried modern fuel leaves hard deposits that can choke up jets and such.