ev mileage reading

Hi everybody
anybody got any ideas on this problem with my cali ev the speedo works fine but the mileage register has stopped reading !

it’s a very common fault apparently the little nylon gears that work the milometer are assembled dry at the factory so they seize up and then strip the worm gear there is no known cure to my knowledge as the parts are not available,but maybe some one else can enlighten us differently

Nope it is dead a deceased odometer, it is no more …

hi all
found drive spindle for mileage wasn’t engaging speedo scroll, after OPENING @!$% speedo housing filed hole into a slot locating spindle, and moved spindle forward and punched hole closed behind it to engage drive seems to work. I wonder after only 11,000 miles whether the locating hole was ever correctly located, note nylon gears only drive trip part
thanks for help from all !!

Hi Paul,

I have just discovered the same problem with my Cali Stone. What is the legal/resale position with a repair such as this? Wouldn’t any future buyer be justified in doubting the odometer reading despite your honest motive for making the repair?