EV Trip Meter

Sure I’ve seen something on the forum on this before, so have searched and come up “blank” (so no ear bending please)
Speedo works OK, trip also turns but I can’t zero it, yes have turned the reset knob. Is it fixable ?
Any guidance appreciated

I think that’s a new one - the usual problem is that the trip simply stops working because the (ungreased) gears inside wear.
You probably need to take it apart to investigate.
Note that the trip knob can be removed with a small jeweller’s screwdriver in the end - cross-head type I think. It may just be that the knob has come loose?

I doubt that you are as stupid as me, some time in my early days of EV ownership my fuel light stopped working so I started using the 150 to a fill method. One time I lost count so went to reset the trip and it just turned without doing anything, so I swore and left alone. 2 days later the little knob had dissapeared. Conclusion, it is a very fine left hand thread so try turning as if you are ‘undoing’ it, you may find that it will tighten and the numbers will start to rotate.
If not, you are not as dumb as me and it’s broke mate.
note. when I got my replacement knob I put a little blob of liquid gasket on the thread so it wouldnt come loose again (hopefully) but could be undone if needed.mo_biker2013-03-17 14:34:20

Not sure about the EV as the V1000 trip is on an extention wire BUT it actually fixes to the speedo via a weeny screw. Knowing Guzzi they would only take off the Knob and swap it for the wire type extender i am betting So look inside the outer I bet you find a squared off end for the actual knob to fit onto check as Mo ses for a threaded end or the tiny screw, I lost the damn thing when refurbishing the speedo got a replacement from my optician it is same as a glasses screw

Mo has the right idea - the knob just threads on with no little jewellers or other screw, so it isn’t anything like the V1000.If it’s not come loose then the plastic gears inside are ‘screwed’ (sic) and there is an attempted fix that may or may not work on somewhere in the Guzzitech archives.

is it an early ev with white face clocks or are they the ITI black face ones? the black face ones are unfixable ,alegidly!

My odometer failed years ago, ITT black face. But, weirdly, on my recent MOT the total mileage had gone backwards

I’ve heard of that happening on a DeLorean but not a Guzzi.Who was the MOT tester - Marty McFly or Dr Emmett Brown.

The MOT computer didn’t notice, thank goodness.