Ex Dutch Army V50

In my quest for a V50, I’ve been offered a ex Dutch Army V50, I’m quite used to ex UK Army Landrovers and other equipment and it gets a fair old beating with some questionable repairs (no mater what else you hear). Anyone got any experience of these bikes and their general condition?


As an ex REME bloke I do like a bloke with tact.
What happens is at a certain time the lanie in question will be given a price of £X.00 and that is what you can spend on it. Once used up then the unit will try every bodge going to keep in on the road before giving up.
I have seen a few ex Dutch V50’s on the road and their owners seem happy enough.

No first hand experience of NATO V50’s but a Dutch friend of mine who is a Guzzi nut and a serving officer in the Dutch army gave me some advice about military V50’s, was don’t! He thought that the military spec ruined what was a nice little bike and making it nice again wasn’t cost effective.