excesive fuel consumption on cali EV

i had thought that my fuel consumption problem was being caused by a failed engine temperature sensor, but i was wrong it’s working fine so where do i look next ?

johnjohn hooper2013-02-17 21:05:44

Look at the air filter, my K&N type were gunged up cleaned them today the symptoms were poor starting and hgher fuel consumption, a sticking choke will do the same thing

how excessive ?

If you have a temperature sensor presumably you have a fast idle lever and not a choke? Although the sensor may be working do you have a good thermal joint? I seated mine on computer thermal transfer paste (arctic silver) made a noticeable difference.

A poorly adjusted or failing TPS will also have this effect.

have you had starting probs when cold lumpy and couple of seconds for 2 cylinders to fire together,dont panic its the crank sensor,its on the right bell housing bellow the manifold 2x allen screws pull it out then say cripes look at all tha swarf,wipe it clean put it back in and now say wow,go for a ride 100 miles should do it remove sensor again clean more swarf off,now say i love my guzzi job done