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Some may remember that I had the split in the H-pipe on my 2004 Cali EV welded up recently, which worked fine, although the buzzy vibration at 2000rpm returned. Returning from a brilliant 2 day ride out in the Lake District last week, I became aware of a ‘new’ noise. Getting home, I discovered that the balance pipe in front of the engine had separated from the LH down pipe! As I’m now struggling with cash flow, I’ve decided to have that welded up for now, but I am wondering:

  1. is there any reason why both the H pipe and the front balance pipe should both come apart on the LH side within weeks of each other?
  2. longer term, should I save up for a new LH downpipe (with balance tube)and H pipe, or for an alternative stainless steel system, perhaps including stainless steel silencers?

Any advice/experience welcome!

Hi Graham, worth checking that the LH pipe is not contacting the engine mounting bolt, there is not much clearance and the transmitted vibes would kill most exhausts. When re-assembling the exhaust worth putting it together loosly and tightening up from the exhaust ports backwards with, perhaps, some small wooden wedges to keep everything clear of contact.Cheers, Gerry.

Yep what he ses. Sometimes one problem does lead to another I had the silencer come off the V11 a few times on checking it was 2 things

1 wrong clamp fitted
2 I was catching the edge on the shed as I rode it in enough to work it loose over time.

The centre colostomy box had the baffles come loose …stainless was sooo thin managed to get a 2nd hand Stucchi one from my local dealer.

Loads better

Before shelling out on new keep an eye on Here/Gambalunga/E-Bay ask the breakers and even your local dealer for 2nd hand spares the stainless stuff lasts for ever.

The fitting of the zorsts on all the Tonti and Cali bikes is real tight very little clearance … you do have to have both front pipes loose to fit the H piece and then fit the silencers to get a fit so as to NOT have any vibes from the engine or frame hitting it.

ONE real common loud noise can be caused by the sidestand spring touching the front pipe OR the zorst jubilee clamp Makes an unholy row especially as you accelerate thro towns, then when you stop and flick it down to look of course nothing… drove me nuts did that one, caused by replacing the whole lot in a rush, didn’t check it.

Hope some of this helps bud… Most times I struggle with cash flow, usually cos more flows out than in… Most of my “fixes” are the do it yersen and keep it going.

Of course if mhunney is no problem… www.osmc.co.uk make brill stainless systems …he does sometimes have parts already made and will sell them for less.

If you are anywhere nr Leics/notts happy to pop n help ya. Can allus LOOK at it. from different angles , drink tea and smile, scratch my head and talk rubbish…

Thanks guys. I’ve checked that the side-stand spring isn’t touching, and I’ll check the engine mounting bolt and recheck the clamps when I get in from work. Mark at Twiggers will weld the front pipe next week as a temporary fix, so I’ll see how that goes. Thanks for offering to give a view GB; I’m in Ashby de la Zouch and, if I’m in, you’re always welcome. PM me if you want to let me know when you’re around.

Hey not far Mark is a real good bloke.

The advice seems to be that the balance pipes do help performance, but your suggestion about stressed joints could be spot on - my mended H pipe may well have stressed the front balance pipe - one thing leads to another.