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When we were putting the downpipes back on the Cali, what seemed to be the old gaskets had become so integrated in their seating that we couldn’t prise them out; we ended up putting the new gaskets on top.

In a recent post, someone mentioned finding several sets of exhaust gaskets, one on top on the other; I now understand how that could happen, but when we fit the new pipes next weekend, we’d like to get both sets of gaskets out before fitting the final new set. Any tips?

That was me they will not be as "Integrated as you think a flat blade screwdriver will get them out but you do have to be careful not to scrape the alloy I have a thin but fairly large headed flat blade screwdriver, it is old so I used the vice to put a slight bend in it, gets thenm out every time.

Putting one on top does not work too well, leads to the leaky zorst, possibly also that extra can missalign the headers as well and can put extra pressure on the studs, get them off and take the old ones out mate, the possible extra cost of not doing so can be a fair old amount.

The gaskets are ally and as long as you are careful not hamfisted they will bend and come out, a good lamp shining in there also helps.guzzibear2013-07-20 16:59:36

like Ken says they will come out ,ive done them in the past . I would never dream off putting one on top .
Graham just don’t go there

Thanks for the advice. Today we tried a screwdriver, a razor blade, and a pointed hooky thing, but in trying not to damage the alloy, we may have been too tentative; there must be gaskets there, or it would have been leaking, but it was hard to believe that we weren’t just looking at a ridge. I’ll see if I can bend the head of an old screw driver ready for next week’s attempt.

Silly question time ~ when you put the nuts on tight, how much of the stud sticks out in front of the nut? I only ask 'cause on mine I can imagine the ends of the studs only being flush with the front faces of the nuts, if that much, if I had 2 gaskets in, 1 on top of the other. In other words summat would deffo not look right if 2 gaskets were in, I’m thinking. The alloy seat can be sort of embossed with the gasket ridge pattern, I think, way to be sure is explore the inner wall of the port, if it’s smooth all the way out to the edge (no step or groove) then there ain’t no gasket in there. Possibly

I am pretty certain it will be there they would not seal without gaskets heck tighten them too much and the noise is awful.

They do take a fair bit of effort to get out sometimes tho’ I use an old angle poise lamp to see in there take time and once you get some purchase on the old one they will bend and flip out

Try tapping in a downwards motion with a hammer onto a sharpened flat blade screwdriver with the intention of making the gasket start to rotate. I often spray liberally with WD40 too to try and understand what colour whatever’s in there is, if it’s coppery etc. it’s a a gasket. Seal extractor tools are useful. Maybe you are being too tentative - try not to scratch the alloy but a small shallow nick won’t hurt.

+1 “softening” the crud around the gasket with WD or diesel in a spray bottle works well. Also tapping the “gasket” to either move it or determine that it’s the head is a good move.
Best of luck

Can’t remember having this much aggro before though I might have done, nowadays my old ones virtually fall out once eveything’s undone.

Plus - when you put the new ones in, plenty of Coppereaze on them will hopefully help you get them out again a bit easier next time!

Again, always put mine in dry, always loose afterwards when I want them to be shrug

This must be from combinations of corrosion from rain and spray getting in?

Always worked for me!

Thanks everyone. That gives me more confidence for having another go next Saturday. I’ll make sure I’ve got all that stuff to hand, and will aim to let you know how we get on.

NB when you put new ones in the side that has the seal edge goes on the inside the “clean” edge to the out side if you have then split colletts the gap goes facing inwards 4 o’clock and 8 oclock that way the gap is inboard and slightly down.

Anyone replaced the stud bolts? Looking at mine the threads are “waisted” so I cannot nicely nip up the retaining nuts. I get a pop from the exhaust when the bike is hot and in traffic and I think it is because there is an air in-leak, possibly at the exhaust to head interfaces.
All the best,

With penetrating fluid and mole grips, I think…

That’s interesting I tend to line 'em up with the studs, if one corner jams up and won’t go in when tightening the nuts it can unobtrusively crack the finned clamp and bend it, had it done to me by bike shop over the road, well how was they know that might happen
Mike H2013-07-21 20:12:06

The downpipes on my bike have the type of collett that is almost a complete ring, makes it all that much easier to refit.

After having two of the alli compresion ones fail (for reasons unknown) inow use the ones made out of a copper and they are the round crush type
never had one of these fail

I forgot to mention I was talking about the LM style, 2 halves collets.

Never had a problem with the silver composite gaskets. .

We could go on like this forever

Mike H2013-07-22 10:22:00