Falcone information- translated into English

An ad for various Falcone service and maintenance data that has been translated into English recently came up for sale on eBay in the UK and I bought it as no one else bid for it. I don’t have a Falcone myself, but was keen for the information to be shared with owners of the Falcone’s. Many new owners seem to ask for this and I am not aware of anything similar having come to light ever before.
The story behind the translation etc is told in the footnote to some of the documents. The translater did it for love and I am sharing it to all in the group for the same reason. I have scanned the 7 documents through the works photocopier and uploaded them to my dropbox account. If I have got this correct, you should be able to view and download the documents from the link below. All I ask is that the information is used for the benefit of fellow Guzzi owners and not to be sold on for profit. It cost me about the same as an evening down the pub enjoying a few beers with my mates, so please feel free to download and save the documents and share it with other owners.
The scans are all the documents I received. I have no great knowledge of the Falcone myself, but skimming through the pages, it looks to be very good. I am sure plenty on here will read it and add comments on it’s accuracy.
I have a couple of Stornello’s myself.
If anyone in the group has a decent scan of the parts list for the later 1970’s 5 speed 160cc Stornello, that would be very welcome trade.
Enjoy all.

Don you are a star, I have downloaded the workshop manual as it has a wiring diagram in it.

That’s very genorous of you Don. Thanks on behalf all who might need it


Don, many thanks indeed. English translations of singles manuals etc are very rare. My Airone shares many details and the design is mostly a scaled down 500 so I’m hoping this will be very helpful.


I bought the documents I have from a regular Guzzi eBay seller Lawnsview, Not sure who he is or if he is a member of the club. I have bought a few parts from him before now.
I have also put these documents out to the Google Guzzi Singles group and it has transpired there are more translations out there somewhere…
"Derek Wardell commented. . "I met a man in a pub called Dave Thomas. We only got chatting as I arrived on my V7 Sport and he turned out to be a Guzzi enthusiast. I happened to mention I had a Falcone Sport and he told me a friend of his (Laurie North, a UK university professor) had translated a number of Guzzi Single Italian documents into English in 2002. Dave took my card and told me he would send copies of the documents in the post. I was delighted, but sceptical as to whether anything would turn up. 2 days later I received a large file of documents, very nicely presented and written by Laurie North.
I since contacted Dave Thomas to thank him. He is happy for me to share the information with any enthusiast who can benefit from them.
I only have the docs on paper. I will try to get an electronic copy but this may not be possible. Currently I am scanning the docs to pdf and compressing the files to a size compatible with sending by email Unfortunately there is a loss of quality this way.
Attached to this mail is an example of what I have. It’s an English translation of Mario Colombo’s book Falcone.
Other documents I am copying are:

  • 1950 Astore Workshop Manual
  • Notes about the differences between Falcone Turismo and Sport
  • Falcone Factory Riders Handbook
  • Translation of a Falcone article in the magazine “Moto Cicclismo d’Epoca”
  • A few notes about Falcone Ignition Timing.

Don, don’t compress them just leave them on Dropbox and send the link via email. The recipient can then download what they want :nerd:

I haven’t needed to reduce them. I just stuck mine through the works photocopier which works as a scanner. The file size came out OK for email Unfortunately I will loose this benefit from next Friday as I am retiring.
The comments about reducing the file size were from the other guy who has another bundle of these documents. I wil try and get hold of a copy of his scans and add them to my dropbox folders.