Filler cap

This will be obvious to some. Unfortunately, not to me. You may have seen in a previous post that I now have a new, bare fuel tank. It obviously will need a filler cap and there is one on the existing 850T tank. I can’t see it at the moment because the bike is with Nigel having a second disc fitted on the front. Can that one be put on the new tank and if so, how do they fit on? Thanks in advance. Dave

Hi Dave

I am assuming it is the standard Guzzi flip up filler cap like this (with or without lock)…

They pop off very easily, open it up and it disengages from the tank in about 2 seconds, no tools required. Just lift the small spring loaded flap under the main cap.

Thanks Don. When I get it back I’ll give that a try. Regards. Dave.

Thanks Don. The tank is now in my possession and I couldn’t believe how easily the filler cap came off. I was afraid of damaging something by using too much force until you enlightened me. Regards. Dave

I said it was easy :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: