Finally bought my first Guzzi

Well gang, managed to get a used 2022 V7 Special and its being delivered on Thursday. Cant wait - only 5 more sleeps to go :laughing: :laughing:


Congratulations. Keep us all posted :+1::it::motorcycle:

woohoo! congratulations!

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Great, one more of ‘us’ :grinning:

Great to have you join the club. :motorcycle:

Well as shes from Italy, you will get used to sleepless nights! just depends on if its through lust or worry! :rofl: :scream:


Good Morning everyone,

I too have just purchased my very first Guzzi. It’s a 2011 Stelvio NTX. My previous bike was a 79’ Triumph Tiger 750. At 62 I decided it was time to get something comfy with a start and stop button.
I am doing my normal ocd bit and going over the bike starting with a basic oil air and fuel filter service. I am now finding out how many shops dont stock Guzzi spares, even the basics. Could anyone offer advice of where to purchase an air filter and a couple of spark plugs please ?
I live close to The Broads so plenty of tractor parts available but not a lot else.
Joined the Guzzi Club yesterday as thought I’d probably need a hand from those wot know’s.


Welcome and enjoy @NorfolkMick

Gutsibits are generally the go to people for spares nowadays.

+1 for Gutsibits as a good ‘go to’ for most commonly required service items and spares.

They aren’t the only game in town, ghough, and there are certainly other sources for various bits you might need. Just ask.

Thanks Don, had a looksee at the Gutsibits site and seems good. I’ll give 'em a call today.
Have a good day everyone. :blush: