Finally sat on the V100

I attended the Milan show on Friday got to sit on a V100 Mandello at last.
I was surprised how compact it was. Quite narrow too. I could easily get both feet flat on the floor (32 inch in seam)
The only slight disappointment was the switch gear which I thought looked a bit cheap. The use the same on the New Aprillia Tuareg. I like the V85 switches more.
They had all colours and models on display. All looked lovely. The red base model would be my pick.

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Yes. As did I yesterday. On the red one. I’d post as pic if I could work out how to do it!

Are Guzzi displaying at the NEC this year?

No unfortunately. Which is disappointing

We need a V100 S in RED please Moto Guzzi, its the best known colour of the brand after all. All the early videos were made using the red bike.


Don’t worry Mike, there is a red one. Thats the colour I would go for too. Love the gold wheels.

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I’ve just visited Motorcycle Live at the NEC today
Notable for their absence amongst all the major manufacturers was Piaggio UK. No Aprilia or Guzzi stands. A poor approach from Piaggio. They won’t expand their UK sales base unless they do some basic marketing to raise some awareness

They are probably relying on social media and magazine reviews. They are rolling out demos in Italy.
BMW and KTM were not at the Milan show, but at the NEC. I guess they spend the money where there is more return :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Why oh why no S in red, after all all the early marketing was done using red

Im not bothered about the S. I reckon the standard one has everything I need. I don’t need electronic suspension.

I find having to adjust my V85 for solo or pillion each time is a bit of a PITA so I end up leaving it set for piilion and put up with the slightly too hard ride when solo (although it handles fine like this). I would take the option of electonic suspension if I had it.