Finebau compensator

Hi help needed, I read about the Finebau Fuelling compensator, using it make the bike run smoother, although it sounds like a can of beer, What is it? can it be used on an 1100i. Does it work? How much, what else needs to be adjusted.
Someone hopefully can tell me more, I await your replies.
Happy riding.
Regards Bob.

Hello Bob. These units are made for Moto Guzzi bikes built from 2006 when the EU3 emission regulations were introduced, and are supplied for most of the range up to the current 2014 models.

Exclusions also are the Norge as the units do not give satisfactory results with the fuel map used for that model.

Due to Club regulations, i am not permitted to ‘Advertise’ this product in open forum, but you can read a comprehensive list of information at

Alternativly please click on the image at the foot of this post.finebau.forge2014-05-06 08:32:57

Dave’s product works well on Guys Griso Bob, but what bike are you talkin about…I always think my Daytona would benefit from it but it has no lambda sensor…

I don’t have Dave’s lamda sensor compensator on my lil’Breva but a similer device made by a friend.Works extremely well, smooths out the first couple of thousand rpm, makes acceleration a lot smoother and so far has shown no effect on mpg.BTW this is a home made device and not a competitor to Finebeau forge as it is not comercially available.Just posted to let people know the idea works.

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Would this product be suitable for my 2011 Stelvio NTX fitted with a Quill road legal silencer, and would it be able to compensate for the increased air flow from a K+N air filter?

Yes. But unfortunately due to club rules i am not permitted to discuss aspects of the product in open forum as this contravenes MGCGB rules on advertising. The poster here is a facsimile of the advert in Gambalunga Magazine.

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I fitted one to my Bellagio and it was a bostin bit of kit. Smoothed all low rev jerkiness and made the bike a joy to ride, and then I went and sold the bike - DOH!

Fitted to my 2012 V7 Stone. Certainly makes a difference and makes the bike much more pleasant to ride at low speeds.

You have refitted the FF comps then Roger? The issue with the “bogging down” at low rpms must be resolved then also. Any ideas what caused the initial problem?
N.b NOT a FF compensator caused issue AFAIK.

Ever considered this for the Daytona Kate?

I built one for the 1100 Sportie a couple of years ago and then fitted a lambada sensor for closed loopish tuning. It allows you to remap “cheaply”,

I plan to report in a future Gambalunga - I reconnected the sensors and the FBF devices and it has been as good as gold for several hundred miles. Not been ridden too much due to commuting on a scooter as ‘winter’ approaches.

I might give it a go as well. Still not sure why the problem arises. Have driven a few miles with sensors disconnected - no idiot lights or other ecu derived nonsense occurred. Wonder if the new V7 mk II has a tweak for this - time will tell.

Please see 2016 Jan/Feb issue of Gambalunga. I have written an article on the fitting and testing of the FineB unit to a non Lamba 2003 Cali Stone who’s engine is pretty much the same as the 1100i