Firing on one!

Discovered another wiring monstrosity, to go with the multi coloured dream of a wiring loom that I replaced!The screw cap that holds the HT lead to the coil is broken and held in place by zip ties! And there is a repair half way down the lead! - Bless! (by the way the lead is removed from the coil on purpose, I know someone will spot it!)And while I’m here what is this for? found lurking under the frame tube and rotated to photograph. (not connected to anything - should it be?)

the tin looks like a condenser or a suppressor, are there any numbers or names on it?

hehe thats a proper classic repair job!

thats a condenser

What did we bodgers do before tie-wrap and duct tape were invented?
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David.CylvaBirch2013-06-16 16:54:48

What would the condenser be used for. It has leads but neither are connected to anything?

Usually found on ign cct to either surpress or assist spark there are usually two but on the distributor, if not connected and the bike ran ok junk it New spark cable fittings are available from any NGK supplierguzzibear2013-06-16 17:00:06

Used paperclips and chewing gum

Them acorn nuts of the top of the coils are apparently impossible to get hold of, Italian speciality apparently, everyone else uses the opposite thread arrangement.

For the cost of a decent pair of NEW coils it has to be a sound investment be it for points or electronic ignition

think the best bet with the wiring on this bike is junk it and let Towzer rewire it completly that way it will be done and working correct for years to come

I’ve ordered new leads and plugs from Gutsibits and from the picture, it looked like the screw caps were part of the package. I hope that they are the screw caps!As for rewiring, I have done 90% of it and it all works - I think! It was a challenging learning curve, but as I was advised, taking it slowly and looking at it logically it all came together. I am not happy with the tidiness of some of it and will go back and redo it sometime, but at the moment all I want to do is get the bike back on the road asap.

Well the parts came from Gutsibits the next day, super fast. The spark plug lead they supply with the caps, just isn’t long enough for two leads though, which means I could only replace the dodgy side. The cap that fits on the coil is rubber rather than the screw in type which again is not ideal, but I’ve made a decent sturdy fit and then replaced the spark plug too. My freshly repainted tank was fitted, my fuel lines connected, my flip top chokes opened (yes I have changed the cables for these and they work well and are not difficult to get at and make possible problems with seating a thing of the past) I turned the key and touched the starter and she burst into life and is running beautifully, Result!I have yet to change the other lead and plug to match - need to talk to Gutsibits, but I’m well happy. All that I really need to before MOT is bleed the brakes, which I have been putting off, even though I have bought the kit to reverse bleed them.