First Guzzi

Hello All,

Been riding for 42 years and only now got around to buying a Guzzi. It has taken a while but it feels right!

A V85TT - Red One. I will be putting a good few miles on her this year and am even considering doing a RallyMoto event in Kelder Forest in late March. Not totally sure about that yet :slight_smile:

I have had a wee dig through the forum and so far can’t find much shared information on this relatively new model. With apologies to everybody if this information already exists on the Forum I have a few requests for information…

Luggage - Has anybody used soft luggage instead of hard boxes? If so what did you get? I have never been a fan of hard. A choice which I was pleased I had made when lying on a gravel road in Namibia with the bike lying on my right leg.

Tyres - has anybody converted to Tubeless? The bit of research I have done suggests it should be possible.

Mudguards - I picked her up second week in January and have completed 500 miles on the incredibly crappy salt encrusted roads. Despite ACF50 you can picture the state of the engine cases. Not helped by no mudguard. I have heard the Caponord Rally front mudguard goes straight on but can’t find where to buy one. Has anybody solved this one?

Apologies for the lengthy introduction and list of questions. I hope to meet some of you in the coming year. Based in Lancashire.


Hi David,

I turn you over to my husband as he has one! Uki

I’ve got a V85 myself! There is an awful lot of information and opinions to your questions on Facebook, in a Group called ‘V85 TT’. That would be your best bet. However, I appreciate that some people just will not touch Facebook, so here my personal opinion:

  1. Luggage - I have spent a fortune on the genuine hard luggage, and am very pleased with it. It is 100% waterproof, very sturdy, has bespoke inner bags and does not stick out too far. The frames are Stainless, and MyTech (who build these for Guzzi) also offer a metal toolcase that bolts into the mountings for these (it will not fit, for example, in conjunction with the genuine ‘Urban’ luggage set, which is made from plastic and mounted differently. There are also some accessory providers whose generic soft luggage will fit, according to some members of the Facebook Group - but I am not interested in that and therefore don’t know any more…
  2. Tyres - The original and best conversion is done by an Italian company, ‘Bartfactory’ ( I’ve had mine done there as well. Saved the transport cost by taking the wife on a week’s holiday in Italy by car, and in the process dropping off and collection my wheels :smiley: They go in as you take them out of the bike, with brake discs, bearings, tyres and all. They come back approx. €260 Euros and a week later looking the same, but being lighter and tubeless. It works great. In the UK, Central Wheels in Birmingham are agents for them, but they can also do their own conversion. A friend had that done, about the same price I think, but a lot quicker.
  3. Mudguards - The front mudguard for a 2016 Aprilia Caponord Rally 1200 is a direct replacement fit for the forkleg protectors, it bolts straight on to the same fixing points with the same screws. At least one owner has ‘lost’ the beak, and uses just the Aprilia one, some have cut it down a bit, but most have just bolted it on additionally. It only costs around £40.-, and the sudden interest in the part means long order times. Mine is not finished yet - I am trying to re-spray the down legs to simulate the original panels (white and red in my case). For the rear, generally most people prefer looks over function and live with getting dirty. Some have gone for an additonal mudguard (similar to some BMW models). It is possible to buy a chinese complete mudguard with stay on the internet, intended for a Honda NC700. I modified the mounting bracket on mine, so it bolts straight onto the existing fixings on the bevel box.
    I hope that info helps a little - as you can see, we all face the same problems and have the same ideas on improvements! Again, the photos and information in the Facebook Group may well be the best source of information and tips!
    Happy and safe riding!


Thanks for the welcome guys and Peter for the information. Very helpful indeed. I am a bit of a Facebook luddite but do use it solely for Groups so will look up the one you mention.

Since posting I have found out from Via Moto where I purchased the bike that Pyramid Plastics have borrowed a V85TT to measure up with the intent of producing a front mudguard. I did a Google search on the Caponord option. Couldn’t find any in stock anywhere. Plus much to my shame I found the parts lists confusing - not actually sure what consists the “Front Mudguard”. Sounds silly I know but faced with an exploded 3D view of dozens of bits including washers I wouldn’t actually know what to order :frowning:

Thanks for the tip on Central wheels. Funnily enough I used them recently to get stainless rims and spokes for my '66 Bonnie hubs. Not cheap but good.


Sorry - my bad. Seems the memory isn’t what it once was…
The Facebook Group is called ‘Moto Guzzi V85’. That should get you all the answers you ever wanted, and quite possibly a few thousand more!
re the front mudguard: I got mine from ‘’ (a Dutch company). Yes - no one has any stock, and if they do, the V85 owners buy them all immediately - so one has to order, and wait. Mine took just over 3 months. It is one single part: Piaggio 2B00 1431. Cost around £35.- However - I’d get a ‘fenda extenda’ from Pyramid Plastics, or a similar cheaper Ebay option, for it as it is a little short. Aslo, there is a hole in it (for the brake hose fixing on the Caponord), but that can easily be closed off with a small bung. Definitely the one to go for, despite the wait (I wouldn’t want to know how expensive the full mudguard from Pyramid will be - once they are producing them!)


Hi Peter,
You are a star! The specific information on which site to order from and the part number was exactly what I needed for the mudguard. I am now on the waiting list although they didn’t message to say it is out of stock. We’ll see. £48 including postage.

I dropped my wheels at Central Tyres on Thursday to have the their Air Tight system fitted. A bit cheaper than BARt but much quicker. Only a 1 year warranty though. I don’t know if that means anything. Again, we’ll see.

I have a £25 Tyre Pressure Monitoring system just arrived from Ebay so hopefully that will be the tyres properly sorted!

Thanks again for your information!