First Guzzi...

After 44 years of Japanese bikes I thought it was time for a change…

Needed a little work and some detailing but pleased with the results.

Welcome to the club. That looks very shiney :sunglasses:

Wow! that looks mint. Welcome to the club

Hello and welcome, the bike looks great, no number plate, is it an import or are you just wary of cloning?

Hope you enjoy bike!

Thanks for the Welcome.

I am wary of Cloning of course, but to be honest I’d removed all the rear guard and plastics etc for cleaning and just not got round to refitting the plate.
She’s actually an 08 UK bike with one owner and a nice file of MG history. :smiley:

The number plate is of course the one part of the bike that does not help the way it runs or the way looks!