First Prang

Hi, I am looking for a bit of technical advice if poss. Sadly I had my first prang on my Vintage Cali (07 plates), in the most bizarre incident. I rode to a bike shop in Christchurch and parked in the layby outside the shop, and put the bike on the centrestand. I just turned my back to the bike and the numpty in a van in front of my bike decided to reverse without looking behind him, and shunted my bike 6 inches backwards. Luckily it did not fall over and there appears to be no obvious damage (forks and all front end looks ok). But when I drove away later on, I got about half a mile down the road and the bike started losing power, then the engine just petered out altogether. I had to call the AA to rescue me, and we (me and Mr AA) came to the conclusion there is a fuel problem. But the big question is, is there a fuel cut-off switch that shuts down the fuel injection system in the event of an accident, to stop fuel being sprayed by the pump? If there is, how do you re-set it? The fuel pump in the tank sound like it is working ok, but it just seems like the engine is being starved of fuel. Any help much appreciated. But every cloud has a silver lining and the AA said they would take 2 hours to pick up my bike and would give me £25 for the inconvenience. I just happened to break down at Mudeford Quay next to the Haven House Inn, and whiled away my time and the £25 with a curry, pint of Ringwood Ale and apple pie and ice-cream…yum yum…!

Read the in tank fuel hose thread at the top of this section.There is only a tip over switch, which should not have been activated, and that would have prevented starting anyway.

Hi Bernie, sounds like the bike got a nasty jolt, as well as the fuel connector mentioned by Brian, the symptoms suggest that the breather may have been pinched, worth trying the bike and opening the fuel cap when it falters, if it picks up it’s a tank off job.
Cheers, Gerry.

Brian and Gerry Thank you for your advice; will disect the tank and fuel system and see what I can find Cheers Bernie

Hi Guys, got the tank off and after some clever trickery pokery with a hose pipe I have syphoned out most of the fuel…yum yum that tasted nice; but now facing the quick release conumdrum. Do I have to turn it either clockwise or anti-clockwise, or do I just push it in, or pull off with a yank? I think I will stand on my head and spin some plates just to add to the challenge…

That “quick release” coupling was designed by someone with a strange sense of humour.I’m sure if you did a forum search you would find the various threads in which this has been mentioned.Don’t yank anything, you will just break it.Ideally disconnect the pump in the tank then turn on the ignition and try to start the engine. This reduces the pressure in the fuel pipe.Then use something like a 12mm open ended spanner and hold that against the ring on the tank side of the coupling. Then push the pipe towards the spanner and then slowly push the spanner away from the tank and the pipe will come off. It is tight, there is an O ring in the coupling which grips quite a bit.

Did you get numptys details. But even if you did I would imagine it could be a difficult clair.


Hi Steve, no I didn’t, but there was no external damage to the bike; it was nudged back about 6 inches on its centre stand. It may be just a coincidence that the fuel fault was just about to happen in any case, who knows. And as you suggest, It would be unlikely if I get an insurance claim agreed. For anyone out there who owns a Tardest, please help (Steve, Gerry?). I have managed to get the not-very-quick, quick release connector off, and the 6 bolts from the flange; but it looks like all the gubbings inside (pump, filter etc) actually takes up more space than exists in the tank!! And can I get it out? can I bullox!! Do I need to disconnect any of the hoses? Or is there a subtle technical nuance that my teeny weeny brain has not sussed out, maybe involving a hacksaw or blow torch??

It does come out, but it rquires a certain amount of twisting to get it into the right position, maybe ask a local midwife? I remember doing this in a French car park on a very hot day (not on my bike).

Bernie, the gubbins does come out with a little subtle twisting, have you noted that 2 of the 6 nuts are different? While you have it out, worth cleaning the mesh covering the pump inlet, also worth changing the filter while you are there, Motomecca do the filter with the tiny jubilee clips to replace the crimped fastenings. The next job is to pull the drain and breather hoses off and if you have a 1.6mm drill open out the brass connectors, making sure there is no crap in the passages. I have found dead spiders in mine. This is the sort of job you only want to do once in a blue moon.Cheers, Gerry.

Well I eventually got the thing out and yes it felt like my bike had given birth to a healthy bouncing baby. The pipe from the pump to the filter was of the corrugated design and crimped properly at either end but the other was just smooth transparent pipe and one end was held on with a jubilee clip. The filter was the new metal cased type. The problem was that the jubilee clip had been overtightened and cut into the pipe, which over the years eventually split, allowing air to get in the system once the level of fuel in the tank had dropped below the fuel pump. Gerry, thanks for the hint about Motomecca. Just by coincidence they are a short detour for me on the way home from work, so I popped in this afternoon to buy a new filter and they were fantabulastically helpful. They had a look at the pump and pipes and then fitted a new pipe to replace the knackered one, and fixed it with the correct crimps and charged me next to nothing. Got home and two hours later my trusty steed was up and running and I gave it a test ride around the block. Will give it another close inspection in daylight hours to check for fuel leaks, but in the meantime thanks to you Brian and Steve for your kind advice. I hope to go to the V-twin rally as a day visitor (it’s only 5 miles from where I live), so let me know if you are going and I will get the beers in. Bernie

So nothing to do with the bump then, it would have happened anyway.Looks like that filter was changed before at some time.I don’t like those worm drive jubilee clips for small diameter tubes, they do cut in. The better type is shown in the Got one of these in your tank thread.Anyway, glad you got it sorted. I should be at the v Twin, but beers not required.

Brian UK2013-08-14 22:56:18

O go on Brian, wet the baby’s ead ! X


Glad you got it sorted, Bernie, the original fuel pipe should be a black viton one, not clear poly, guess this was why the pipe split. The small jubilee clips that Motomecca sell have a curved edge and do not cut into the pipe. Hope to see you at Fordingbridge, I’ll be around the Solent dome or sorting the electrics.Cheers, Gerry.

Note to self, bring candles.