Fitting T4 fairing onto T3

I’ve been offered a T4 type handlebar fairing which I’d like to fit to my T3 - does anyone know whether this is a straightforward fit? there are two top brackets but no bottom bracket,only a rubber grommeted hole, Is there a missing bracket to fit this? (to the bottom of the yoke??)
I should possibly work this out for myself but it’s cold and dark out there

Same fairing as the Spada, the bottom fixing screws onto the bottom yoke. I could try and get a picture tomorrow if you are needing.

Thanks Don, I’ll have a look at how things line up and come back to you again if I need a photo.

Headlamp will be different and the clocks may need swapping too?

To be fair I fitted a Spada fairing to the V1000 in place of the screen and it worked ok but I didn’t like it so sold it and put the screen back on.

The T3/4 spada V1000 in fact all the 70-80 and some 90’s Guzzis share most of the cycle parts …frame etc so most parts counter fit the other bikes.

there are many holes and such on the frames in order to fit many different screens/fairings and at the back , pannier rails.

Can’t really tell what will or won’t line up until I remove the indicators which are headlight mounted and get in the way, haven’t had time today but will try tomorrow.
There doesn’t appear to be a hole in the bottom yoke to bolt the bottom mount to, unless the hole up the middle is threaded?

Just been out and taken a look at mine. The lower screw actually goes into an L shape bracket that is screwed into the front of the bottom yoke, like thisThe bracket would be easily made so long as you have a threaded hole in the centre of the bottom yoke. I expect it is common to other models as some have a brake switch mounted here.

If my memory
serves me correctly the Spada fairing guzzibear is referring to is one I sold back in early 2009 which I actually removed from a T3 that I had
just bought at the time. When I bought the T3 it had a number of T4 / Spada bits fitted to it which I did not require as I wanted the “original” look so I would agree parts are interchangeable across models of that era.

I actually made some top fittings myself, basically a piece of flat steel bent to suit a reverse Z kinda shape it was not at all difficult and the V1000 had high bars and that huge dash but the fairing fitted without too much trouble, but after years of riding behind the screen i went back to the org screen.

Sold on the fairing to another Club member I couldn’t figure a way to fit the fairing lowers with footboards and the V1000 crash bars without butchering it, and I really didn’t want to do that so they also got sold on.

I could have fitted them had I wanted to cut the fairing lowers but it did not seem right to do that when others would get more use from fitting them to a Spada or Le mans

Thanks for the picture Don, that will help a lot.