Fitting Twin horns G5

Getting my project wired up. It has a single horn having originally been a Spada.
My new loom, (courtesy of Gregory Bender in Arizona) being for a G5, has leads for twin horns and it seems sense to make use of the big wide crash bars to hang them from. The bars have 6mm tapped holes, from the original G5/Convert “aerofoils”.
My question is: What’s the best way to hang them?
I’ve fitted twin Fiamms on bikes before and have had the mounting strips supplied, break due to vibration.
Obviously the horns need some spring in their mounting to resonate well.
Do the standard strips supplied hold up Ok on a Tonti styled bike? If not what other mounting method has worked Ok?

standard strips have held up on my G5 for the last ten years

Mine for the last 22 years. Though mine are mounted off the frame as per how they were, and not off crash bars. Dunno if it makes any odds.italianmotor2013-05-05 14:39:22

Thanks guys that is very reassuring. I will proceed accordingly.

Mount them in between the frame NOT from the crash bars, by the way The one and only Min did have some airfoils he had got made up they do make a difference to a V1000/G5/Cali The OEM mounts have been on mine also 20 yrs nooo problems BUT mount the horns out on the crashbars in the airstream and out into a more Vibration area they may not.

Guzzi horns are wired differently to most bikes so watch your wiring.Most horns complete the circuit to earth through the horn body to the frame. The power goes through the switch and then to the horn On Guzzi’s (assuming you using original switchgear) the power goes in and through the horn and button connects to earth through the handlebars.If using Fiam type horns you might need to isolate them from the chassis.Have a look at the wiring diagram and check how your horns work.

The easy way to check is to look at the terminals on the horn. If there is only one, then it earths to the frame, if there are two, as in many cases, then it needs a wired earth.

If horn has to earth to frame, you will have to insert a relay to be operated by the button, which makes to earth on one side. Relay will then apply 12V to the actual horn.

Yep, that would work, better than trying to isolate the horn from the frame.