Flywheel extractor M20 x 1

Anyone know where I can get an M20 x 1 flywheel extractor? Looked on Ebay but nothing jumped out…

Have a look for a Vespa puller. That is what I used on the Cardellino. I ordered a couple of wrong uns before I got The right one and so I will see what I have.

I have heard that The generator rotor on a Stornello can be removed with a Shimano bicycle crank arm puller # TL-10.Crank puller

Thanks guys, found one here, Vespa ones are a bit big I think

How annoying. It arrived and it doesn’t fit. Don’t know how I measured it wrong - think it should be 22 x 1.0 mm. Oh well, I’ll add it to the tool collection.

Flywheel puller setAny good for you? 10 chances of getting it wrong !!!

Don-Spada2013-05-16 00:40:04

Yeah I knew of that Don and that’s a good price too - I’m tempted, but being tight, and already owning some of them, not sure it’s the solution (well it would be probably…). I’l pop into Halfords and see their bicycle crank pullers, bit like the one you mentioned above, but I need to know the measurement is correct which should be 22x1.

I have in my possession a Shimano crank puller. It is indeed 22mm. Being a bit ‘technically challenged’ what do you mean by ‘x1’? Are we talking tpi?

It will probably do the job. If you want it I’ll pop it in the post. I used to use it on my bicycles but after one too many close shaves, involving idiotic drivers, I’ve given up that particular past time.

Just put a thread gauge on it, it’s a 1.0mm .

Yours free gratis.

Snowgoose2013-05-16 22:32:09

Martin - that’d be very kind of you. Yes, I mean 22mm x 1.0 thread, it’s a fine thread. I can swap you a couple of copies of my magazine if you haven’t already seen them? I’ll PM you my address.

It’s a deal, puller on it’s way.

Hi Adam
I might need a borrow once you have finished with it! I measured the rotor thread on mine last night and it looks like that is 22mm.
A neighbour has a 20mm bicycle crank puller which I will try first but I think I may be on the scrounge for a quick loan of a 22mm one.

Sorted. I managed to borrow a bicycle crank puller from a neighbour and it was 22mm and fitted perfect and had the flywheel off in 2 minutes.