foot pedal bushes

I have been trying to fit the replacement plastic bushes to my T4/T3 style brake and gear pedals.The bushes are about .5mm too big on OD.Thinking, they dont cost a lot, and wanting to get the job done, I slit one with a hacksaw, and sure enough in it went, a good snug fit, but no way is the ID now big enough for the pivot bolt.The parts came from one of our usual, reputable suppliers.Any ideas?

Throw the plastic ones in the bin and get yourself some decent oilite bronze ones!They’ll last longer and sharpen up your gearchanges.Should be able to get them for the usual suppliers, Motomecca etc.Edited to add: If for some strange reason they are an odd size on your model, I’d still advise getting some machined up… Ray?

guzzijack2013-03-12 16:50:05

had this chat a while ago on forum and no one could give me a definitive size if someone can supply definate size i can machine some up in bronze or oilte

oilite should last years

Should you get any machined up Ray, I’ll buy one. I renewed the plastic one and thought it was cheap and tacky. I can remove it and see what size it is tomorrow - probably.

Take a look at the ‘Technical’ posting on this site, Gear & Brake Pedal bushes there is a link to a good web site for bushes

Could you ream them out to fit?


If I had a suitable reamer, maybe. But as I had to cut a slit length ways to get them in, I don’t know how feasable that would be. I have just ordered some the company on the link suggested.Thanks guys.

It is best not to ream Oilite or Deva metal bushes if you can avoid it. They are made to have a porous surface which can retain lubricant (you soak them in oil before use) but if you ream or turn them it smears the surface and closes the pores. Mind you they are still better than the standard plastic ones.

I turned mine up from Teflon and they seem to be doing OK at the moment but all plastics eventually deform under constant load due to cold flow.

Would you use a 8mm drill to ream out a 8mm hole??

I am also trying to take the ‘slop’ out of my rattly gear and brake pedals and linkages.

Can you simply buy a ‘ready made set’ from anywhere without having to go through the hassle of measuring ids and ods etc?

cheers all

To be honest for a good and quiet gearchange on the heel /toe type Cali on my V1000 I found that new linkage bits from Mcoll worked wonders BUT the slop ie movement on the pedal needs to be fairly substantial for a sweet and easy gear change and as anyone who has heard mine will tell you going into 1st is so quiet you cannot hear it AT ALL

HELPI like Hemlocks answer or you can just go and buy a 8mm hole ready drilled!

Has he been watching “Yellow Submarine” …“Holes are useful…holes are!”

So how do ream that hole for a drill fit,would that be tight enough

Ken, your box is just about run in now with 150K on it, that’s why its so smooth!

If those don’t fit your bike (I know early 1100 calis had the plastic ones and the later ones like mine have the glacier bearings but I only found that by experience ) I have a set of 3 plastic ones you can have for nowt
to fit or measure to get some bronze ones turned up

As I’ve posted before I replaced all the standard linkage pins using Rose joints and replaced the pivot bushes on the lever and bell crank with Teflon.

I also made my own levers but that’s a different story.

Yep them there rose joints are good well worth it.

Did the Rose joints screw onto the existing rods or did you have to make the rods up as well?

If yes I could do that pretty much straight away if no I’ll have to find a pet machinist somewhere
tris2013-03-15 07:33:20

You can buy ready made up threaded rods or, as in the lower pic above, a piece of M6 threaded studding, stainless or plated, then just hacksaw it to your required length.Alternatively get yourself a small set of inexpensive metric dies and thread bar yourself - only takes a few minutes to do with the hand tool.
guzzijack2013-03-15 07:58:13