fork leak, Cali' 3 1994

Right hand fork is weeping. Looked in Gutsibits, their site says that check that the only part they sell is the correct part, as two sizes of fork seal were fitted!!

Never replaced a fork seal before, is it a case of “just” dropping the fork through the stanchions, and accessing the fork seal that way. OR: Does the stanchion have to be separated from the lower casting?

The chrome is missing on a section of the stanchion, doesn’t seem any worse than it was 4 years ago, no rough edges, logic states I should replace this as well!

Wonder if I’d be better trying to find a complete second hand fork leg?

Gutsibits don’t appear to list a fork seal for my bike!

Usual method for fork seal replacement is calipers off and hung up, wheel out, remove mudguard, drain forks, remove 8mm allen bolt from base of fork and lowers should slide off stanchions, springs will drop out too! Be careful to retain any spring spacers and locating cups at base of springs. The old seals can be levered out with a big screwdriver and the new ones driven in flush with a large socket. Seals in both legs should be replaced. If the missing chrome is in the area of the fork leg swept by the seal it will probably cause early failure, no matter how smooth it feels. Replacement stanchions might be required. Replacement seals are available from several sources on line, usually made by Athena.
Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks Gerry