Fork tube diameter on 97 Cali please

Hi, can anyone tell me the diameter of the upper chrome fork tubes on a 97 Cali 1100i at the point where the headlamp brackets attach please. A mate has offered me some driving lamp with built in 41mm clamps that attach to fork tubes but i darent say yes until i know that they will fit. He does not live locally so i cannot try them for size. A rough measurement looks like they may well be 41mm or close to it on my Cali Thanks Daz
DazGuzzi2013-02-02 16:30:23

They are 40mm, if you put a bit of old push bike innertube around them they should be O.K.

Thanks John. Much appreciated

Get them and pad it out with rubber or self amalgamating tape from Maplins too big is and easy fix it is when the clamps are too small it becomes a problem IF you do insulate the clamps from the frame you MAY have to run an earth wire The tape will stop the clamps biting into your chrome any way

Thanks GB. Appreciated!

By the way on my V1000 I fitted the fog/spots to the indicators I bought Yamaha ones yrs ago as they fit into the headlamp at the same place and have thicker bars yet the indicator lamps are round as per org ones but alot brighter and easier to replace