Forum returned

:smiley: morning all ’ I have just killed of my Facebook account, permanently.
I haven’t used the forum for a long time , :blush: so I intend to use the forum a lot more. After all it’s what got me into the club in the first place. :laughing:

Welcome back to sanity :laughing:

Welcome back Buzz. The more the merrier :slight_smile:
The forum’s a lot better following Nigel’s modifications.

Yes it’s a lot more user friendly, shame it’s still difficult to post photos,

At least I won’t be the only Short Fat B##tard on here now. :smiley:

Hahahahahaha 'well you can’t disagree with a baldrick" description lol :laughing:
If you can make this weekend Essex branch meet, things to discuss, evie has put forward a pub camping venue for a possible Essex branch (all welcome) camping weekend.
Suggested date 14 /15/16 June this year,

Photos are now a lot easier

Welcome back :smiley:

Yes obviously ’

Hi Buzz . Hope you and the bike are still going well.
Cheers mate .

Welcome back Buzz, shout if I can help, you should find the forum much better these days.

Would be good to get a few more back too :smiley:



It’s still annoying that I can log on whith my phone ’ but can’t log in on my tablet with the same password? How dos that work. Or do I need a separate pass word for different bits of kit?

Is most likey that the version of chrome browser on your tablet is at fault assuming its an Android tablet. Try the Opera browser it should work OK

Other than an operating system update you can’t easily update Chrome, but any other browser added via the play store will have updates released.

Thanks for that ’ I’ll give it a go.

What was your problem with FB ultimately Buzz?

All the adverts , the constant drivel, not seeing any of my regular fb& guzz mates posts.
I just got fedup with it all.

Good to have you back here, just need Kate and a few others back too :smiley:

Go on just say it…You missed us! :smiley:

Understood, though I don’t view the two areas as being mutually exclusive.

Buzz! i’m no tablet/phone tech, but can you somehow put the forum into your favourites ?

Yep’ tryd that dosent want to play.