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hello, i have a problem, in the log book it states the vin number as PB 16881, this is on a 1981 v50, the number on the frame is DGM167740M. any suggestions, help as it cannot be MOT ed.

I presume you’ve tried 16774 ?

Frame number is normaly on the headstock on a rivetted plate.

hello, the number i found is on the front of the head stock, but looking up frame numbers, it makes no sense at allMike H, what is 16774, it seems that for every mot, the old one was presented and the info was taken from that,whats to do !!!

I’m guessing that for the MOT they go by what DVLA have got, i.e. what’s on the V5? When I do mine has to be ‘all numbers only’. EDIT: Sorry I mean therefore of course 16881.
Mike H2014-06-04 17:21:00

on the v5c it states that the number is PB16881, the mot station will not use the number in the log book, only the number which is stamped on the bike, anybody know the best way forward, i have asked 2 guzzi dealers if they would stamp, one reply so far and it was a no.

I don’t know why my post has been moved to an “orphan” thread.I’d be inclined to get a blank VIN plate off ebay and have it engraved then riveted to the frame where the original should be. Then inocently turn up at the MOT station.v7john2014-06-04 18:48:18

thanks if all else fails then that could be plan B

I agree with Mike, DGM prefix is the Italian homologation number. Ian

Explanation of the frame numbers including the prefixes here:Frame numbersThe actual frame number is the number between the stars.Yours sounds very dodgy, maybe a frame swap at some time in the past due to a mishap.

Don-Spada2014-06-04 23:10:17

Ack-shirley was v7john. Eh? Has to be off the VIN plate, not the V5C? Bu-ut, they both the same number? Duh?

this is the reply from dvlaIt
may help if I explain that you refer to either a motorcycle dealership
in order that they can check the vehicle for the vin/chassis or to the
manufacturers of the vehicle for further advice.

would advise, that once you have this information, please send together
with your V5C registration certificate and any amendment in Section 7
and sign Section 8 declaration and return with a covering letter to the

Hmm, still a bit bemused what’s the complete story from the beginning? 'Cause when I did mine last year it was just a case of what is the frame number, ah didn’t bring the V5 with me, no matter read it off the VIN plate ~ which I did just about (partially obscured by fairing) At first I thought a thing on the end was a 4, but computer couldn’t match, 'cause it wasn’t a 4 it was a star. So number only 5 digits then, and that matched what the computer wanted. Job done.

The frame number for a V50 between 1977 and 1980 should be within the range PB11111 and PB18454 so that fits your V5. You say it is 1981 so obviously built in 80 and registered in 81.The DGM number you are looking at is not the frame number but a homologation number and the same number will be found on all V50 mk2’s Your frame should have a plate on the headstock, with the actual frame number stamped on it, or the frame has been renewed after an accident and new frames do not have numbers stamped on them. This is what mine looks like

well its not getting any better.i have an mot from 2002 which states the engine number and not the vin number and another from 2004 PB16881 which is the vin number in the v5, all the mots from 2007 until present day state the vin number which is not on the bike ?the bike as been re-wired throughout,but not with the proper looms,so i am thinking, maybe a rebuild at sometime, i am really stuffed as to what to do, sell as spares of whatever !

take a photo of the headstock and post it on here.

the number is stamped in to the headstock and usually easy to see even if the original vin plate is missing

if someone has slapped a thick coat of paint on or powder coated the frame it may be had to see

on my very early v35 the frame number is stamped on the right hand side of the head stock , i would suspect even 1 coat of paint would hide it

Possibly look at lightly sanding the right hand side of the headstock to reveal the number

I had the same with my V50II, DVLA were unhappy with what the MOT station read off, asked for sight of the V5…if they issued one originally that’s what goes, a precident has been set…end of…

help, how to send a photo

i am trying to down load a photo of the head stock, the only writing on it is “moto guzzi” and DGM167740M.nothing else.