frame numbers

i am looking at a calli that has been robbed of its drivetrain to make a 3 wheeler
the seller has kept the V5 and removed the frame number is there away to re-register the fram or is it actually scrap

Ohhh I would have thought look at the DVLA site and even ask them bud as it is they who will do it or not.

st found this what ever next
this is electronic chips embedded in the bikes number plate this was taken from the dvla website

Motor vehicles are identified by a number plate displaying a vehicle registration mark
(VRM) at the front and rear of the vehicle. All number plates must meet with the
Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 and the current
British Standard BS AU 145d. This method of vehicle identification relies solely on a
visual reading or a photographic image of the number plate and the system breaks
down if the wrong VRM is fitted or the VRM is unreadable.
There is evidence that some motorists are displaying the wrong VRM in order to
evade fines and charges resulting in the keepers of the genuine vehicles associated
with that VRM receiving enforcement notices for which they are not responsible. In
addition, the use of non-compliant number plates with mis-spaced characters or nonstandard
fonts can result in the failure of Automatic Number Plate Readers (ANPR) to
correctly identify the vehicle.
Between April and June 2006 DVLA conducted a trial of Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) for cars and motorcycles. The purpose of the trial was to
determine whether RFID could be a useful and reliable supplement to ANPR as a tool
for detecting stolen/cloned vehicles, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) evasion and vehicles
involved in criminal activity. The trial successfully demonstrated that police ANPR
units could deploy RFID using hand held readers in a live operational environment,
producing read accuracy of over 98%. A report of the trial can be found at:
The Vehicles (Crime) Act 2001 introduced a provision to enable the making of
regulations specifying additional information to be displayed on or contained in
number plates. The provision would allow for the possible use of microchips in
number plates. Regulations would have to be made under this enabling provision for
the mandatory use of electronic number plates in a live environment.
Aim of Study
The remit of this study is to consider the deployment of RFID specifically for
motorcycles. The aim is to determine whether the placing of microchips in number
plates or on the vehicles in a location other than the number plate would significantly
improve the identification of motorcycles on the road to increase compliance with
road traffic legislation, reduce VED evasion and reduce motorcycle theft.
Why Focus on Motorcycles Specifically?
Motorcycles display the VRM only at the rear of the vehicle with the mark being a
smaller font size. The manoeuvrability of motorcycles sometimes means that the
vehicle is out of the line of sight of ANPR. These factors mean that ANPR has tended
to be less effective for motorcycles than for other vehicles. There is no intention to
treat motorcycles as a special case, but rather to ensure that

I would ask also why the seller destroyed the frame number stamped on it, and removed the VIN. Maybe he had a nicked bike he wanted to launder?

Just confirmed with dvla if no log book present the frame is just scrap and as such cannot be given a new registration number so that ones off the list

Qn silly I know but why did the seller keep the log book?

using the registration details for the 3 wheel car he is making

I do not think that will do it , when my bro made a trike it had to have the org frame as part of the trike to be registered, SO if he is building a special ie separate frame it will be registered on a Q plate or as a special and need full ministry check. The V5 should stay with the frame/headstock part where it is attached to…

If you have the org registration number apply for the V5 as lost the org one…that’ll sort it.

I’ve also got a frame and totaly genuine as ex smokingbiker same reason being made into a 3 wheeler and still waiting /thinking of a way of recycling it.nod nod wink wink.

I agree with Ken, I think, if I read this right “only” the drive train is removed then presumably major parts of the original bike still exist, including the frame? So he’s trying to transfer its VIN to a different vehicle.

Think that’s a ‘no-no’ …

Non, nein, niet …

Answer from dvla was
he can keep the registration number as long as the original frame is not reused hence why the numbers been removed from the frame

I have not bought it as no use without the frame I have a surplus of round block engines

So need some frames to fit them in

Registered a JZR as a “tricycle” with the original Reg. No. by transferring the VIN plate to the body of the car. DVLA was happy with that although the frame with its original etched number is still out there somewhere. The JZR went to Holland so, perhaps, no problems.G.

I did the same with my cx engined JZR except i cut the frame up . Mines now in France.Regret selling it greatly.

All very interesting…

What’s a JZR?

By way of a fuller explanation, JZR was founded by John Zemblia who used to rebuild Morgans for racing, when the Morgans got thin on the ground he decided to build his own as Kit Cars to take a Honda or Guzzi V-Twin. They were based on a space frame with f/glass bodywork which took the bike engine and gearbox in a front sub frame, an extended drive shaft drove the original bevel box and rear wheel mounted on a rear sub frame. Due to the shaft tunnel the driver had a rather narrow seat and fitting 3 pedals in was a problem, I went for a central gearshift with bike clutch lever mounted on it, lots of fun but demanding on driving skills. Sold it on after 3 years as it cost me a lot to insure, was difficult to MoT and I rarely did more than 300 miles per year, still, it was a lot of fun.G.

I vaguely remember your JZR causing a fuel slick at Beaulieu about 12 years ago!