Fuel Level Indicator Cali 1100i.

Hi, is there any way of testing the screw in fuel level indicator on my Cali 1100i I have done sufficient mileage for me to believe that it should have come on and the tank level is way down but the light has remained out. If i disconnet the cable connector next to the left fuel tap, switch the ignition on and then bridge the terminals on the leads leading up to the light, sure enough the light comes on instantly. I will obviously try draining the tank further but i am pretty certain that this unit is probably faulty . Darryl

Its nackered, same as many. Including mine. £75 guzzibits or fillup every 150-170mls

Hi, yes i checked their website and the one for an EV is indeed £75 Fortunately mine is a 97 Cali 1100i and the replacement unit is £26 http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?f=e&Shnew=1&Model=4&ModelName=Cali 3, Cali 1100 (1994-1997)&Cat=FUA&CatName=Fuel and Carburettors&spPage=6#topbar Darryl

If you can use a soldering iron, you can repair that one for about 50p.
It uses a read relay inside the brass tube, and the floating magnet closes the relay. All you need to do is unsolder the original relay and solder in a new one, available from Maplin. You do have to ensure it is replaced in the same part of the tube, otherwise the light will come on at a different time.


OK, 50p was a bit optimistic, but less than £2.00

Nothing to lose so will give it a go
DazGuzzi2012-05-14 06:21:07

Mine was on a Spada III, and incorporated in the reserve fuel tap. Yours may be different, but will work in the same way.
One problem I had more recently was the earth wire to the unit was a poor connection, worth checking first.

I had a similer problem on my lil’Breva.
Turned out that repacing the front tyre and (probobly more importantly) the front wheel bearings was giving me an extra 5mpg.

Ian, you need urgent help!

where to get one and how to do ithttp://www.dpguzzi.com/reed.htm

Just a thought BUT the V11 Le Mans the first time I went on a run ov over 100 miles did the same no fuel light I am used to seeing it come on anywhere from 120-145 miles (It has got longer as the bike went over the 15000 then 20000 mile mark)

150 miles NO light so I pulled over and put fuel in olny to find it did not take that much …the FI bikes guzzle fuel in the first 10-20 miles on their warm up cycle after that they do settle down, in fact Annie will not follow the V11 as she tells me she gets the smell of fuel in her face for the first 5-10 miles

Thankfully it is far too late.
And had my fuel sensor actually failed I would have used mo bikers solution.

Why p1ss about ordering from the US and paying international postage when you can get the same thing cheaper from Maplin?

Have you put some copper grease or thermal paste around the engine temp sensor in it’s holder? It makes a BIG difference to what the ECU registers as the running temp of the engine and the subsequent correction to the injector pulse timing (richness).IIRC on Patrick’s Jackal it changed the reading by something like 20c before and after when read through Pete Roper’s Axone.

You can also put something like a 20k ohm resistor in parallel with the sensor to make it think the engine is warmer than it really is. It only affects low temperatures, has no effect at running temp.

What if the engine does get ‘very’ hot though - crawling in traffic on a what we laughingly call a summers day - would there be risk that a permanently spliced in resistor might make the ECU go into limp home mode (full rich) to protect the engine, at least until it cooled a bit?I don’t know the answer to that, but I’d have thought that just filling the temp holder with some grease/paste would be an easier solution for the bikes with the sensor mounted behind the R/H head. The resistor is a good one for the early EVs and 1100 Sporti with the rocker cover sensor though.guzzijack2012-05-15 16:53:07

No I haven’t but I will

As I said, it will have no effect at running temperatures. The temp sensor reistance is non linear, very high at low temp, and very low at high temp. So a 20k resistor will drop the overall resistance at low temp, but have no effect when the sensor temp is only a few tens of ohms at high temp.
The workshop manual does give the resistance at various temperatures.