fuel pump problem GRISO 1100

Fuel pump appears to be running but engine not receiving fuel… problem appears to be inside the tank but what could the problem be?

It will probably be the filter, it will have either burst or the pipe come off!

It could the fuel filter, (see post titled ‘have you got one of these in your fuel tank’)Alternatively a loose/split hose. You will need to remove tank and withdraw fuel pump assembly to investigate.

Be careful of the fuel spigot, it can snap!

Any useful tips on uncoupling the fuel pipe from underneath the fuel pump on the outside of the tank ?

Patience, not blind rage.

Hi Michael, you need to block up the rear of the tank, remove vent and drain pipes, disconnect the pump power lead then turn the ignition on and turn the engine over a couple of times to ensure the system is fully depressurised, then use a 10mm open end spanner to push the fitting together while seperating it, if that makes any sense. Also, when removing pump panel from tank, there are some thin O rings on the bolts to be retained. Motomecca do some small jubilee clips to replace the swaged original hose fittings.
Hope this helps, Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks to everyone who has replied and thanks Gerry for your detailed answer…Have managed to complete the job!!

It will probably be the filter, it will have either burst or the pipe come off![/quote]

it will be this

On the Griso it is generally the short fuel pipe between the fuel pump and the filter - it pops off the fuel pump. There was a recall on early ones as the original pipe wasn’t petrol proof!, but even after the recall the pipe was prone to swell and pop off (mine did on the way home from buying it). Replace with good quality submersible fuel pipe and proper hose clamps and the problem will be solved.
Steve Waller2014-09-09 13:38:58