Fuel pump whine - California 1100i

Just bought a 1996 Cali 1100i which has a new fuel pump fitted. Pump makes initial (and quite strong) priming noise for approx 3 seconds then starts easy enough but pump continues to make a noise (like the fan on a liquid cooled bike). Bike runs fine but whine is annoying. I don’t know anyone else with the same bike so hard to tell if this is normal or not.
I have a new fuel filter on order and intend to clean fuel tap filters which may help. Any other ideas please?Â

Hi MrG, I read your posts ‘cause I’ve got the same bike, just listenin’ and learnin’ on the side :nerd:

Not a great fan of California wine myself but Mrs Chris likes a tipple, especially if it is dry white. Â :smiley: Â

Wouldn’t think you should be able to hear the pump once the engine is running, Might be worth checking the fuel return line from the pressure regulator has no kinks/restrictions as that may cause the pump to work harder than it should, or it may be a sign that the pump is worn, they can become noisy but tend to keep running/working okay. (Just noted that you say it’s a new pump, check part number to make sure it’s suitable regarding pressure and fuel delivery rate if it’s an aftermarket one.)

Whine sorted. Was caused by Contaminated Residue And Particles (crap for short) around the base of one of the fuel tap filters. Checked both and the other would not allow fuel delivery at all as it had been factory blanked! This meant the pump was working extra hard to draw fuel through - a shame the dealer hadn’t bothered to check before fitting new pump!
As new taps are only £11 I bought two new ones complete with new tower filters and fitted them last night - what a difference! No pump whine at all now. Just have to leave pumps on reserve setting so pump does not struggle when tank near empty. Fuel light comes on in good time so should not be a problem.
Well pleased with my efforts and looking forward to a run tomorrow to Swaffham in Norfolk with friends.Â