Fuel Tap Swap

Jug has the very nice original ‘cube’ fuel taps. Downside is that these have no provision for providing a reserve. Does anyone know if a later BAP tap is a straight swap?

Butch, my ones from the 850T have reserve, they are cube too. I would suspect that the thread will be the same, however they are not surplus to my requirements, I only mention them as they would be similar if not identical to your ones in appearance. If appearance is not an issue that the thread size and pitch would be the only things to match. I have thread pitch gauges if you would like to borrow them.

Gutsibits have cube taps with a reserve. They have a nice “click” action too.

My LM came with one of each style, which suggests threads are identical.

The cube type was replaced with the newer one later.

I think you’re supposed to run on one tap, with the second being the reserve.

I have the gutsibits cubes on the Eldo - but I think tank had been tapped for later style petcocks or adapters made.

Thanks for the posts folks. I do like the look and feel of the cube taps for sure.

I run the RH tap only in service (I dumped the cross over pipe for double banjos instead - makes for neater fuel line routing) with the theory that the LH side will hold the extra from across the tunnel as I always park up on the side stand. I want to be able to use the majority of the tank range when touring, but also don’t want to be left high and dry if I find the LH tap only gives me another couple of miles.

I guess I could do a trial run with a can strapped about my person. This all ties in with my earlier observations (elsewhere here) on a possibly bad venting filler cap.

Does that mean you have two pipes to each carb, one from each fuel tap? Surely one pipe each with a cross over would be simpler?

Left tap to left carb, right tap to right carb and one link pipe between the two, hence the double banjo

And do the gutsibits taps give you a decent reserve capacity? Mine does.


Got one on back order now. Thanks all.