G5 Right hand switchgear?

Hello again, not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes.
I believe I have a Tomaselli throttle and apart from the front brake reservoir there is nothing else on the right hand side of the handle bars.
Does anyone know of a good replacement , japanese, BMW or other solution for a small ( thin) switchgear unit that would operate lights on /off ? There seems to be no kill switch and I am going to remount the start button ( which is at this time a single push button clamped to the middle of the bars ) somewhere else so its just a good light on/off switch gear I would like , its got to be thin to fit in between the throttle and the Brake reservoir ?

Plenty on EBay. Anything under 20mm should work. Check out the cable lengths as well.


My 1992 NTX has good quality switchgear which is identical to Ducati 750/900 fittings. For some reason these are cheaper than the Guzzi items when advertised by breakers.
Best of luck

You should have a unit with the start button and engine kill switches on the right hand side

I know but there is nothing on there at the moment and I am only really after a light switch going there, there seems to be no kill switch anywhere on the bike so no need to add all the wiring if there is no requirement?
Its not going to be brought back to an original bike, just a renovated version of the way my brother made it.

The right hand switch from modern Guzzi’s (e.g Griso) are an easy upgrade but can be expensive. Lots of other bikes from various makers use them. I replaced the original switch on my Sp with one of these but it was for a small Yamaha trail bike (XT125 maybe) & not a Guzzi, it appears identical & cost next to nothing compared to the Guzzi item. Its been in use for four years now without problem.

If you need something that operates high and low beam, then This might do

Or if it’s just simple lights on, then This one

Though you could use a kill switch for the lights, as all it does is make and break a circuit!
ianboydsnr2014-10-08 18:26:05

Ta very muchly, gives me plenty to play with !
Into the cold garage for good coat of looking at me thinks!