Galletto 160 flywheel removal

Does anybody know the size of the flywheel puller for a 1951 Galletto? I have an M33 1.5 RH thread which I thought was right but it doesn’t seem to want to go on. Is it an M32 perhaps - which I can’t find anywhere. Would a gear puller work? Anybody out there know much about Galletto 160s??

I had the same issue on my 175 Galletto. I bought an M33 x 1.5 puller and found that it was too big. I ended up turning it down and recutting the thread. I think that at M32 it was still a bit tight, so is now a bit smaller. The pitch is 1.5. The flywheel came off easily once I had done it. A mate has a 160, and I think that the M33 did fit, however I think that there may be more than one make of flywheel, perhaps with different threads.

Brilliant thanks, exactly as you said, I got it turned down to M32, still too tight, so a bit more off and bingo - flywheel off! Hopefully I can now figure out why the engine runs without the ignition on and why there’s no power for the lights.