Galletto Bodywork Bolts and Washers

Hi all, can anyone tell me what type of washers were used on the bodywork fixings on the early 160cc Galletto, circa 1950. I have no examples locally I can look at for comparison. I have a feeling that the aluminium engine covers, and possibly the aluminium leg shields, utilised oval shaped washers under the 6mm bolt head. Mine had two such washers, the rest being normal round washers. I think I read somewhere that these washers were also aluminium but the two I salvaged from my wreck are steel. I would appreciate any information that will help me keep my restoration on track.



Blind-me Phil that’s going to a level of detail that’s not in my vocab. I’m happy if my 160 fires and runs for a few happy miles.

My 1951 model hasn’t got any oval washers and the parts manual seems to show round ones though the pics are v small. Some of them on mine (what look like the oldest ones) are aluminium.

I can’t see why they would be oval.

They are clever little machines aren’t they.