What a pleasant surprise when the latest copy of Gambalunga landed on the doormat about half an hour ago. Congratulations to each and everyone involved in the production and delivery of this during these problematic times. Thank you. Dave

+1 to that!

Never ceases to please and amaze!
Thanks to Roger and team


It was on the clubs Facebook page.


Sadly not :frowning:


+2 :cry:


Bill I resemble your comments :smiley:

I too am a non-facebooker, I do have an account that my children set up for me years ago to communicate with me as they spent 5 days a week at their mother’s house. Since discovering that all of my information, photos and stuff on there is no longer my property, I have suspended my account.

In the past the Essex branch has been concerned that there are members in the club that do not have a computer and so can’t see the forum, so we have always published the details of our roving meetings in Gambalunga. Why now is the facebook site running exclusively without reference to the club forum and magazine?

I agree we can’t ignore facebook but for those that like to use it please can they remember us Luddites who don’t.

Similar rant now over…


I, being one of the Luddites :smiley: , do not have any social media accounts mainly due to my computer skill level, but would it not be possible to link the official club sites, somehow, so that members are kept aware of all activities.


I was on Facebook (well still am, but have reduced time drastically), I put on here what I catch, but it seems that most people have switched over to Facebook. Easier to use on a phone


Good point Bill, but unfortunately we always get back to the topic of Volunteers, willing and capable
Will however bring it up at the next meeting.

Interesting thoughts on Facebook.
Perhaps a little clarification.
There isn’t a deliberate strategy to develop the club’s FB page at the expense of the forum. It’s more of a both-and approach.
To date the club have spent not a penny on our FB presence and yet it has increased awareness and recruited new and lapsed members to the club. Sue Nock, the club PRO, is an admin on the page. I was PRO when I set it up and the links to the club committee are very strong. The club website, membership and the wonder that is Gambalunga are heavily promoted. A weekly welcome message for new page members includes a link to the club website. That’s a free advert to almost 3000 Guzzisti free of charge.
I take the point about generic motorcycle pages. And yet the MGCGB page is marketed as “Guzzi and Guzzisiti”. The admin team delete non-Guzzi content on a fairly regular basis.
The FB page is, present, getting the club noticed internationally, promoting its activities and attracting well known names in the Guzzi community. I’d be happy to support any ideas that will help the forum as soon as those ideas are posted.

There must be a reason why people are attracted to FB more than forum based conversations. It has affected a wide range of clubs from classic cars to angling and horticulture to my local 0ver 60s keep fit club.

Happy to field any further questions here or by DM.

All the best

Hi Folks,
Just to say that as PRO I am busy promoting the Club via social media and am currently running a Facebook campaign (see articles in last two Gambalunga). I see the Club Facebook page as a shop window and often use it to promote the benefits of becoming a member of the Club.
Club members who are also followers on Facebook often post about Club events, meetings, Gambalunga articles etc which adds to the idea that there is much more to the Club than being a follower on Facebook.
All the best Sue


Well we’re a good bit away from the original thread heading but …

Accepting due criticism levelled at FB for what it is, it has a much larger footfall than appears to be the case here … and there is no limitation on size or quantity of images that you might want to post up.